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v3nom's 2nd G5 Mod - dust free

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I will start my 2nd G5 Mod in the near future.

For this project I will use the knowledge I got from my first mod and all the great inspiration from you!



My plans are:

- almost inaudible cooling

- keep the components dust free

- two 3,5" HDDs + two 2,5" SSDs in the upper part

- 120mm fan in the back


- two 140mm fans in the front with simple detachable dust filters. Easy access after opening the G5 side panel

- no blocking of the airstream -> better GPU cooling -> quieter cooling (biggest issue of my first mod, maybe I should reactivate the water cooling)

- mod a PSU to fit inside the G5 PSU case



What I already have:

- 2x 140mm Enermax Cluster fans (front)

- 2x 140mm fan dust filters

- 1x 80mm Enermax Cluster fan (HDD Tray)

- 1x 120mm eLoop-P (back)

- Lian Li HDD tray for two SATA drives, I hope this can fit @ the G5 HDD tray location

- late 2004 G5 case with front panel and a G5 PSU case

- mATX 120mm LaserHive kit

- mATX mainboard (Asus P8Z77-M Pro)

- Seasonix X-560 PSU. This baby is working fanless up to 200Watts of load

- 4x 400x200x3mm black acrylic glass








For the two 140mm fans in the front I will use the acrylic glass and create a 4 layer front panel.

The acrylic glass will be laser cutted at my local university for free (FabLab + bring your own material + bring the vector graphic files = you can make an appointment for 1h and use every machine).


The first two layers will keep the dust filters in place, which is also hold my four magnets/filter.

The third and fourth layer will contain the magnets for the filters, more magnets to apply some stability to front by holding on the PSU case and the screws to attach the 140mm fans.


The second layer will be opend to the accessible G5 side and by that the filters can be removed.








The fan panel is done. The laser cutting itself was extremly fast!


Many thanks to my local university RWTH Aachen for offering a free laser cutting to anybody!


I made a video of the cutting, but unfortunately the quality is not good, because of reflections and the black material.



The result of all plates is exactly as I imagined them.

The only downside is that I made too many "safety dimensions" (like +0,5mm extra cutting) to make sure it fits for sure.












All four layer:



Test mounting with fan, screws and magnets inside:






The filter gap:








Inside the G5:










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Today I took the top shelf apart and tested if the LianLi HDD tray will fit.

Luckly it does, but the higher HDD can't be slide in with the LianLi frame. In spite of all problems, I will go with this tray. The higher HDD can be slide in by attaching just two "slide" screws. The 2nd and lower HDD can be slide in normaly.


Yesterday I glued the frames for the front fans together and removed the protective film. Today I assembled everything again with the front panel cable of BlackCH (insanelymac).


Here a little movie showing how the filters can be attached. They slide in good and hold on to the magnets.


















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Today I used my new Dremel the first time and cut a hole into the G5 PSU for a 120mm intake fan. Because the front fan tray will block the two 60mm fan intake holes this should work properly.

Last thursday I was able to solder some extensions for the PSU wiring and am now able to place the 2nd PSU board further away.

Tomorrow I will try to fix the boards to the housing by gluing it with two-component adhesive.











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Ok, I attached 3 wires to the PCB holes, wich have a metal ring and had been screwed to the original housing, to the case/ground wire. That should be it.

The glued screws are holding on the case extremly good.


All the necessary cables for mainboard, gpu, drives… are fitting throw the orignal holes. But I think they are too long.





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Today I teared down my old G5 for all the components. I reused most of it except for the mainboard, PSU, case fans and HDD tray.





First impression of half a year without cleaning the CPU cooler:











So that really shows, how important the filters will be for my setup!


For the next step I had to flash my BIOS to make the ASUS board work in OSX. The flashing was very easy. Just a FAT32 formatted USB stick with the new BIOS files on it, plugged into the BIOS flashing USB port, connect 24&8 Pin power cables and press the flash button on the mainboard.





During the assembling I tried to hide most of the cables under the mainboard and behind the PSU.

The final setup is pleasing me and it did boot / worked directly.








Next step will be the testing of the overclock in Windows and adjusting the fan curve. The ASUS BIOS settings for the fans are awesome!

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