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v3nom's G5 ATX Mod

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I got inspired by all the beautiful G5 Mods at Tonymacx86!
Especially by:
chaosdesigns 1st
chaosdesigns 2nd

Thanks to you guys!

Getting a G5 Case

Finding a G5 Case took me quite some time. I tried to get one on eBay, but all the PowerMacs have been kind of pricey.
After checking out some forums and private offers I found a nice deal on ebayclassifieds (kleinanzeigen.ebay.de). The offer has been a "G5 Powermac Case" for 50€. When I arrived at the seller, I got a nice surprise! The Powermac G5 was not just the case, it has been a 100% working G5 in good shape. The 2nd surprise was that he was selling four 100% fine G5s (1x late 2004, 3x early 2005) each for 50€.
Of course I took all four G5's and chose the late 2004 G5 to be my case. I gave two of the other G5's to friends of mine.


G5 front panel wiring

To be able to use the front panel, I followed eelhead's Guide and did some soldering. With some nice sleeves the cable does look quite good.

ATX motherboard tray

I ordered the Mountain Mods ATX tray from the US, unfortunately the shipping to Germany did cost me the same as the tray itself + I had to pay import taxes...
My plan was to use some of the original G5 stand offs without replacing them. So I pulled out most of the stand offs until four have been left and in a good position to attach the MB tray.


My plan is to use the upper part of the case for the power supply and the DVD drive. Therefore the tray had to be in the lower section of the back side. With a friend I cut out a big piece of the backpanel...


... and was able to put in the MB tray in the correct position, covering all the edges and keeping enough G5's perforated sheet to drill some holes for the screws.


As you can see four screws are keeping the tray in the correct position with the original G5's stand offs


HDD Tray

For beeing able to add HDD's to the system easily, I selected the Lian Li's EX-H34S. Based on the little space left in the G5 case, I disassemble the HDD cage to it's most important core tray and drilled some holes under the DVD drive plate. With screws and hexagon stand offs with internal threads on both sides I attached the tray to the plate. After connecting the SATA cables to the motherboard, I will be able to just slide the HDD's into the tray without attaching any wires.



Front fans

For attaching two 120mm fans to front I used the fan frames from the Lian Li HDD tray and assembled it 90° around the tray. To avoid noise from the air pulled/pushed air, I kept some space between the front G5 mesh - Fan - HDD tray.



Assembly pt 1

I managed to build some parts into the case. Unfortunately my selfmade front panel cable can't start the PC…, but a simple two wired cable + button can.
I tried to hide most the SATA cables behind the tray, because the distance to the SATA ports on the MB is small.


Assembly pt 2

Finally I was able to keep most of the wiring in the upper section. It is really hard to bend the cables of the power supply and by that its difficult to lay the wires as you want to…
My two SSD are just next to the power supply and not hold by any frame (I hope that works).




Mountain Mods motheboard tray

LIAN LI EX-H34S @ Newegg

Enermax Cluster fans 120mm @ Amazon
Enermax Cluster fans 120mm @ Newegg

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Hi v3nom's

you are a lucky man to get such a good deal for the cases!


I'm currently do my planning for my own G5 mod, case is here, also power supply, all other thing still open. I'm looking for some good mod's, i believe i will go the no-cut way. But anyway, did you order directly from mountain mods or did you find a german seller?


BTW, can you post a picture from the back after final assembly?


By and enjoy die Aachener Printen :-)

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Hi skinmuster,


yeah I was really lucky :angel_not:


I ordered directly from mountain mods… 45€ tray + 45€ shipping + 19% of that 90€ as import taxes. After that i found a dutch dealer which is selling the trays too.

72€ + shipping:



I will do better pictures in the next days. It's not easy to move my Hack because the external watercooler has to be disconnected. But I can say… the back looks great!


Currently my inside is a little bit messy too, because I connected my four case fans & CPU cooler = five fans to the only PWM signal on my mainboard. I need to place the wires in a better way, furthermore the front panel cable is not installed yet.

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BlackCH's front panel cable arrived and is working flawless!


New hardware

CPU: i7-3770K @ 4,3GHz

Cooler: Prolimatech Black Series Megahalem

Fan: Noiseblocker NB-eLoop Fan

MB: Gigabyte UD5H

Ram: 2x8GB GeIL

GPU: EVGA Geforce GTX 670 FTW Signature 2



Just a bad iPhone picture:



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Can i ask tuo Why you chose to put ssd next to the power supply and not in the cage with the 2,5>3,5?

Is it because of sata III?

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I couldn't figure out how to put this two SSDs in this one 3,5" hot swap slot. I don't mind at all where the SSDs are but will change that in my 2nd mod.

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I couldn't figure out how to put this two SSDs in this one 3,5" hot swap slot. I don't mind at all where the SSDs are but will change that in my 2nd mod.


I used an IcyDock enclosure on one of my mod.s - it included a jmicron raid controller in there to give a hardware raid to two 2.5" disks all in one 3.5" enclosure - this is the one: http://www.icydock.com/goods.php?id=121

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