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What do i need to make this build work?

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I am all tired and frustrated trying to install mountain lion 10.8.3 (mac app store app) on this build


CPU - corei3 530 @2.99ghz

MOBO-intel DH55TC

GFX-Sapphire HD7770 ghz edition

8 GB ram @1333mhz

2.75tb HDD space spanning 4 hdds.


Ive had no luck trying different build/install guides that i googled and also the tools available at "other" forums.


The problem is that the installation just wont start..keeps still at "DSMOS has arrived"

ive tried various boot flags on chameleon but to no avail. What the hell am i missing?


HELP!! :(


is a hackintosh at all possible with the above specs??


thanks is advance. :)



P.S - I do have a working hackintosh laptop made out of a Dell Inspiron1525 thats running 10.6.8 pretty smoothly(used nozyczek's amazing guide)


P.P.S - i am still a bit of an noob with all the dsdt's and kext stuff...!!



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all u problems are in the ati card


so..is all the other hardware fine?? sorry for being such a noob...

i know the intel mobo is good...but cannot find much resources if the cpu is compatible or not!

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