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The iColonels Suite


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UPDATE: Here's my Colonels Type icon. What do you guys think?






The iColonels Suite will be three Colonels programs. These programs will include Colonels Paint, Colonels Browse, and Colonels Type. It will be an installer and will install these three applications all at once. I can't say much more about the iColonels Suite since I don't even know how it will end up when it's done.


Colonels Paint:

*Currently in it’s beta stage, Colonels Paint is the drawing application in the iColonels Suite.

*First app of the iColonels Suite.

*Will be better than Microsoft Paint

*Version 1.0 is expected to debut in the fall of 2006


Colonels Browse (Will Probably Change) :

* Currently in it’s alpha stage, Colonels Browse will be the web browser in the iColonels Suite.

*Second app in the iColonels Suite

*More secure than Firefox, IE, and NetScape.

*Supports all plugins ie: flash, shockwave, etc.

*Version 1.0 is expected to debut early 2007


Colonels Type:

* Not in development yet, Colonels type will be the word processor in the iColonels Suite

*Will support most document formats such as Microsoft Word and Open Office.

*Will be free.

*Version 1.0 is expected to debut mid 2007


Here's a Colonels Browse screenshot



There's one more project under development, but it's a secret. :dev:

Some of us on the IRC know about it though...

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