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  1. here you go, hope this will be okay for you: Easiest way to do it is with a Tri boot - Windows, Linux and OS X 1. Install windows on your 1st disk, leave enough space for a 15GB linux install and a 2GB swap partition. 2. Install linux on the leftover space and install GRUB to the MBR. 3. Now load up your OS X install dvd and partition with disk utility GUID format, with two partitions, the first should be about 200MB, the second can be the whole disk. 4. Install Mac OS X onto the larger partition. 5. Now download the Chameleon boot files or the PC_EFI v8. 6. Load up linux and log in as root if possible. Open terminal and type 'pico /boot/grub/menu.lst' - this will open your GRUB config file for editing. 7. Add an entry for Darwin (search google on this stuff if you have to) it should look like this: If you are using chameleon title Darwin kernel(hd1,0)/boot/chameleon/boot or if you are using pc_efi title Darwin kernel(hd1,0)/boot/boot_v8 save with ctrl-O and exit with ctrl-c 8. Now load up Gparted or some such linux partition manager. Gparted is the easiest. Format the little 200MB partition ext3. 9. Still in linux on the 200MB partitino create the directories /boot/chameleon and place the 3 boot files from the chameleon folder in there, or just the /boot -folder and boot_v8 file if you are using pc_efi 10. reboot. As long your windows/linux drive is first ordered disk and you edited the menu.lst file correctly you should see grub, choose Darwin. If it doesn't work you probably need to mess around with the (hd1,0) order. In Grub 0 is first. Just change the hd0,1 depending on your drive order and partition order. You want it to point to the 200MB partition on the os x drive. Any questions ask away. It's not an easy thing to do so expect some turbulance. You'll get there in the end. BTW jas 10.5.4 is good and so is Sabayon Linux. Just my 2cents.
  2. It is my intention to build a new PC based on a few concepts: 1. Centralised LAN Time machine backups 2. RAID 5 3. Fileserver 4. Relatively cheap I already use an old osx86 build as my current server, although the case is too small and it does not handle Time machine backups. The new build would be based off the following hardware: Lian Li PC-A71 - $320 Gigabyte P35-DS3P @ $140 Raid Card PCI-E Highpoint Rocketraid 2310 4xSataII @ $250 4xSamsung 1TB 32MB 7200RPM Sata drives for TM backup @ $155 = $620 Corsair 620W PSU @ $150 4GB 667 Ram from current server 920D 2.8 ghz Dual core Processor from current server 512 8600GT from current server Zalman Cooler from current server Sata burner I already own 4x additional SATA HD's for file server = $1480 The alternative to this is buying a drobo and tacking it on to the current server: Drobo V 2 @ $730 4xSamsung 1TB 32MB 7200RPM Sata drives @ $155 = $620 = $1350 Cheaper although, it will not be as fast. Just a few questions: How does the Rocketraid 2310 go? It is an expensive part of the build and with only 4 ports I am limiting myself to a maximum usable space of 2.8TB with RAID5. Theoretically this should be enough storage for now - but it is difficult to expand in the future. The 2320 has 8 ports but is twice as expensive. Any other motherboard suggestions? The Intel D945GNTLKR I'm using at the moment is showing it's age. It needs to have at least 6 interior sata ports + 2 x PCIEx4 to be worth considering I guess. Stability and full featured gigabit lan/sound a must. Any experience using a leopard server for TM backups? I have read around the place that it does work. The Lian Li case is ideal, although it costs a lot. A need something with minimum 8x3.5" drive bays. Full tower case is a must? Prices are AU dollars.
  3. I have to say my method above is working flawlessly for me. After the 10 second timeout in Grub, it goes to Chameleon multiboot for 2 seconds, then straight to darwin and 2 seconds later OSX is booting. Plenty of time to change anything, and no manual input necessary for it to boot OSX. Do you use GParted? I was easily able to resize my HFS+ partition and shift it to the right then create a 128MB Ext3 partition using Gparted (get a live CD maybe? or install it on your ubuntu). Sabayon is a really wicked Distro just incase you're looking for a new one With the three Chameleon boot files on the ext3 partition, and the line in "kernel(hd0,0)/boot/chameleon/boot" pointing to the mini ext3 partition in grub - it boots fine. GRUB shouldn't have any problems mounting ext3 - if it does I'd say something has gone wrong with your partitioning work. Retry. If you had trouble mounting it with linux, really sounds like there is a problem there. From what I've found, no matter whether you use PC_EFI or Chameleon, if you want Grub to boot OSX from a seperate drive without manually entering in HD numbers you will need a working ext3 partition on that drive. No way around it (prove me wrong!).
  4. Here is a solution for you! I spent all morning on it, and got there in the end. I do have to say, there is no documentation about this! Boot a GUID install on a separate hard drive with Chameleon EFI. The solution is much like PC_EFI (well it's exactly the same). In your menu.lst: title Darwin kernel (hd0,2)/boot/chameleon/boot Where (hd0,2) is an ext3 partition where you have copied the three files "boot", "boot0" and "boot1h" to the directory /boot/chameleon. Now I'm not sure if you need all three. You may indeed as I seemed to be getting boot1:error any other time. Though we should get some clarification? That will then launch the multiboot interface allowing you to choose which disk (80, 81, 82, 83, etc). The hassle is that you do have to specify the number every time. The solution to this is creating a tiny ext3 partition on your GUID OSX install (as wmarsh says above). This shouldn't be a problem, just do a little resize or move the main partition in GParted. Then copy the three boot files over and make sure you specify the correct drive/partition/path in the menu.lst. A good way to find the right drive is to "tab" in the grub command line (type "root (hd" then press tab...). I hope to be of some assistance, as I found your post in the hope of a solution. So here is one now!
  5. jackt283

    The Wiki Returns!

    I like the model you guys follow: Post news before it happens and cross your fingers that everything will pan out the way you said it would... Either that or just pulling it off another news site with a little "full story link". Come on guys stop posting "apple" news and go back to posting OSx86 news. We're mostly OSx86 users here and hearing about the release of iATKOS v1.0i is way more exciting than hearing about apple's latest releases. There are bucket loads of other sites doing just that. insanelymac is different (well it was). This site has been completely inspirational to me in that it moved me away from Apple's proprietary hardware systems and onto stuff I could make myself - and still keep using their proprietary OS. Start posting stuff that counts! Someone stop Numberz posting if at all possible too.
  6. jackt283

    P5K-e and Sata DVD Drive

    FYI the SH-203b Samsung solved the problem as advised. I've upgraded to 10.5.1 and so far no DVD drive issues.
  7. jackt283

    The UK: "Vista Phails"

    I'm pretty sure my old high school would still be using Windows NT 4.0. It's hard for a lot of schools to upgrade when they have really lousy budgets. Apple does give them an easy option because Apple machines are really really easy and cheap to upgrade. Windows machines are a nightmare at best. With an Apple you can just put in the inexpensive new OS (leopard at $149 or whatever) and hit install, 20 minutes later and it's done - Cheap and easy. Vista involves what? An OS that costs what $349? A new computer, a reformat, and hours of reconfiguration. You'd have to be freakin' mad do to that for every computer in your education system. I'm glad the UK government has got some decent IT advisor's out there. Though, even still in 5 years time they will probably have "turned" a lot of their hardware over to it I'm sure. Apple for education all the way! More fun and creative for the kids. I used to love the old Apple IIE's they had in my primary school. SO MUCH FUN! But I have to admit, Doom II on my mates 486 was a little better
  8. jackt283

    New Mac Pros Announced on Jan 8 2008

    It's so funny and (just {censored}) that they deck this awesome thing out with 8 cores and put a puny 320GB hard drive in. How much more is a 500GB, like $20? I just can not comprehend it? 500GB HD's just sound and feel better. Its an even number - so if you 4 then you have a terabyte. Now if you want a terabyte on this baby you are going to have to scrap the 320 or get some expensive 750s or 1TBs.... JOKE! They think they "know pro" they think they no power. They don't. They're just damn good at imitating it.
  9. jackt283

    RadioHead on iTunes

    Actually, Numberz, it was only In Rainbows that you could download off their site. You'd have to be a sucker to buy it off iTunes now... except for the fact that the sound quality in the original download was quite bad, and it was missing tracks.
  10. One thing you HAVE to do is mark the Leopard partition as active. This is really really easy to do, as long as you have the right tools. fdisk will do it from any linux live cd, and diskpart will do it from win XP. Google "making partitions active" as it's a bit tedious to explain here. Once the partition is active leo will boot no problems. Also, don't disable JMicron, it's totally compatible with the iAtkos 1.0i dvd - as it has drivers and all. it's recognised as generic ahci, and the IDE is recognised as an ATA bus.
  11. Thanks thedude9, i installed iATKOS v1.0i and thought FCP was rooted for sure. But sure enough i had delete en0 in an act of shear madness. Deleting the NetworkInterfaces.plist got FCP to work again fine. Compressor is still not opening though. I tried deleting Qmaster to no avail. It's the only app that doesn't work so far. Too bad it is one of the most important eh?
  12. Here is a little post about my success with iATKOS v1.0ir2. Pre Installation: In BIOS all sata controllers are set to AHCI My boot disk is partitioned MBR and a blank primary partition is formatted HFS+ During Installation: DVD Booted fine The following packages were installed- *Darwin Bootloader *All the EFI Packages *NVInject 320 (for my 8800GTS 320 MB) *SATA (for JMicron an IHC9R) *AppleSMBIOS by Netkas *Remove Thermals Install ran fine Post Installation: Had to set the leo partition as active using a linux live cd and fdisk Booted with -v and no other flags Booted fine with dual monitors - recognised from start No welcome screen loop All this was recognized out of the box: *Firewire and USB 2 *JMicron as Generic AHCI, and IHC9R as IHC9-R, and the JMicron ATA bus! *G80 and both screens (no hotplug) *Recognised as P5K-E and Q6600 with all cores *Sleep works when you choose it from the apple menu, and it wakes with the power button. Horay! I needed to remove the stock AppleAzaliaAudio.kext and the IONetworkingFamily.kext Replace them with the 2 found in the p5ke leopard script on the front page of this thread. It's my advice to NOT RUN THE SCRIPT, instead manually replace the 2 kexts and do a chown and chmod, then delete the Extensions.kext file and reboot - that will get the LAN and audio working a treat. As the JMIcron and IHC9R are recognised from the start there is no need to install the other 2 files in the fix script. Only thing about the r2 version is that NTFS support doesn't seem to be an option... Guess I will have to install macFUSE manually. I've been using it constantly (okay i have been waiting for leo for a long time...) and so far I have had few issues with iATKOS. In fact the experience has been really positive. I used migration assistant to copy my tiger /Library over, and so far: +Adobe CS3 worked without a hitch (though I did have to reset the activation). +MS Office worked (as expected) +Firefox is great +Quark works -Parallels needed to be reinstalled +Logic Pro works -Final cut studio is flaky. FCP won't launch and neither will compressor - FCP waasn't working because I had deleteed en0, and compressor will probably need to be reinstalled. To do that I'll have to do a fresh install of everything to get it working. -Candy bar 3 doesn't seem to be able to load my system icons and crashes half the time. HD performance (rated through Xbench) is much better using the native IHC9R (I don't know if it's hacked or not), I'm scoring 70-80 for uncached write, when it used to be 20. I'm using a symlinked Applications partition as my apps folder (through fstab) and this doesn't seem to be properly supported. I may end up reformatting the disk to have a larger leo partition I can put all the apps on.
  13. jackt283

    Gigabyte P35-DS3R Thread

    Thankyou so much!! I'll try them today and post results. And maybe a little guide for people not in the know One more question - the ICH9R Sata controller and the Jmicron (or is it gigabyte?), at the moment I only have Generic AHCI coming from the IHC9 and nothing from the Gigabyte (the purple ones). When I originally installed 10.4.10 i did, then I installed the driver pack and lost the kext files somewhere along the line. What kexts are you guys using for you AHCI controllers?
  14. jackt283

    Gigabyte P35-DS3R Thread

    How bout someone post the actual kexts that work on rapidshare for everyone else. This is really necessary to save us all the time of reading pointless posts trying to find a driver 38 people have already found and used.
  15. jackt283

    The "Mac Guy" was Right

    What a total load of shmoz. Mac users bought more music online. The only thing that tells me is that mac users are more brain dead than PC users. PC users probably like music a whole lot more because they are clever enough to download it for free from the host of lovely bit torrent sites out there. While mac users are so obsessed with their little "iworld" they are all too happy to pay FAT CATS like STEVE JOBS and the RIAA many millions of dollars for online sales of music, rather than give it to the musicians. Because lets be clear on this: MUSICIANS MAKE MORE MONEY FROM PEOPLE DOWNLOADING THEIR MUSIC FOR FREE THAN THEY DO FROM RECORD SALES. If you want to be friendly to the music industry and "love media", you wouldn't pay a penny for any music that was released by a large record company (IE: anything on the itunes music store). Instead you'd get out of your room and pay for some concert tickets and buy a tshirt. The record industry is dead guys and it's invented online stores to try and stay alive while making guilty people happy about downloading music. Stop paying and start stealing. it will make the would a better place. Hell knows the record companies have swindled and stolen from the artists in the first place so we should pay them huh? And I'm only calling it stealing because of the record companies - it's not really.