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Mac Keeper 2.5 Review


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Written by Rampage Dev



After a few months of use you may notice that your Mac OS X installation is not a fast and efficient as it once was. Mac Keeper is a Application for Mac OS X that optimizes the system in 4 specific areas which are Security, Data Control, Cleaning and Optimization. Now as many users will ask how creditable are there claims? The following will answer this and more.


Testing Configuration:

Core 2 Duo

MSI G41M-P23

OS X 10.8.3 Existing Install over 1 year of age


Software Version:

MacKeeper 2.5



Installation was very simple after downloading the latest version found here and was no different then any other package installation. Within 5 minutes the install was complete and I was ready to start using the application.



Mac Keeper has a user-friendly interface that will be very easy to use and to navigate. On the left are the tools that the application provides for various tasks and each providing a brief description of what each tool does, a link to the user manual, as well as user tutorial videos that are YouTube based but play in the application. All of this information is helpful and makes the user aware what and how the tool is to be used before using it. On the right side of the application there are 24/7 Customer Support information as well as feedback reporting.




Using The Application


After looking over the interface I performed the scan. The timer was a not accurate at all and took around 5 minutes to complete the scan from start to finish.




During the scan the application used a lot of my system resources and started to bog down the system. The picture below is from Activity Monitor showing the high CPU usage during the scan.




Once the scan was complete the Cleaning Section showed an astounding about of files to be removed from my system. 3.5 GB of files shows how even a lightly used system can create a large amount of junk files.




After the fixes were applied I was asked to enter my Serial Number, which I did. Mac Keeper allows you to install and scan your system before having to purchase the application. This allows users to have a hand on experience prior.




After activating the software Mac Keeper completed in fixing the issues that it had found and I began using the system. First thing I noticed was how fast finder was working and how launching applications was faster as well. CS6 launch time was dramatically improved seeing a 50% faster load time. Overall Mac Keeper was proving to live up to my expectations and creditable in regards to there claims.


I then continued using the software once a day to see if the system performance gains could be retained. By the end of the week it was clear that the gains were still there and that Mac Keeper was doing exactly what the claims were.



Over all Mac Keeper is a solid optimization tool, which was easy to use and smooth in the implementation of the application. Mac Keeper did live up to my expectations. However the system files it removes could be done manually so if you were looking at this application just for that then I would not recommend Mac Keeper. For users who want a worry free quick solution to optimization of their Mac OS X installation then this is exactly the software you need.


Download Mac Keeper


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I have seen a number of negative reviews of Mac Keeper, e.g. https://discussions....m/docs/DOC-3691 but it may be unfair http://www.cultofmac...-really-a-scam/ but see http://lureofmac.com...anmymac-review/.........


What is the truth.....?


I have always used OnyX because I started using it on my PPC Macs long before the Apple switchover to Intel and it is donationware (freeware)......

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@ theconnactic


Yes I used OnyX v2.6.8 on my 10.8.3 OS only yesterday........likewise, the OS X Lion and Snow Leopard versions.......:)

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@ theconnactic


I do not use it daily, only when i sense that the desktop / browser performance is 'slower' than usual and/or otherwise about once a month.....see here......:)

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No, I am no longer using it. Was just for testing.


You can do a lot of what it does manually so thats what I do. For users who do not want to do it manually and want to have a way of doing what it does with little effort then it is for you.

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@verdant The truth is that piece of software is aggressively marketed disguised malware. I have used it and all those negative reviews are right: it's a money-making "virus".


The truth is that insanelymac got paid to post this "review". I'll never visit this place again.

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@Innova InsanelyMac did not get paid, the reviewer, Rampage Dev, also did not get paid: I will admit we were approached by them and asked if we'd be interested to do a review and were very organised about it, i.e. had software link and free activation codes. I done my research and could see the mixed reviews, I offered it to Rampage Dev who done his review and didn't find anything malware about it, so please, if it is malware then show us your evidence and reference your sources.

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MacKeeper is quite willing to "pay" for reviews:




and also quite willing to participate in shadey business practices along with fake "Review Sites" that link or result only in downloading this crapware:



while I fully understand the need to support a site such as this with as many revenue sources as possible when you lie down with pigs you end up smelling like sh*t

want to lose the confidence of your readers keep polishing this t*rd.

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Hi, Windsurfer!


While i understand your point and fully agree with your opinion about the business practices of MacKeeper, i can't help to say that you are starting with the assumption (presumption?) that InsanelyMac staff was paid to do a favorable review of the said application, regardless of this being denied by the site's admin, so there's no point in talking about a "loss of confidence", because you already don't trust InsanelyMac, and one cannot lose what s/he never had.


Perhaps if the review was highly unfavorable or focused on the rather agressive and "malware-like" business strategies of MacKeeper, you would be now here praising the reviewer and the staff, and if it's the case, it must be said that 1) your opinion is biased, and while perfectly understandable and probably justified (in my opinion), you should take your own bias and its reasons in mind before bashing an honest review and reviewer and 2) the review was about the application itself, not about its developers, so there's absolutely no rhyme or reason to take the ethics of MacKeeper into account (again, in my opinion).


If you have a different point of view to offer about the software itself, i'm okay with it, and it's also cool if you want to discuss ethical business practices and how MacKeeper doesn't fit. But you won't be allowed to flame the staff with absurd insinuations and incorrect assumptions. That's it.


All the best!


P.S.: InsanelyMac "revenues" are based in personal donations only. There's sites out there that opted to earn profit distributing other people's (free) software like it was theirs. IMHO that is far far far lower than a company spamming and buying reviews of a work that, ultimately, is their own. InsanelyMac will never condone the latter, but all reasonable people should simply despise the former.

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Please Admins....you have a great website here....Im member since its beginnings; you have a great respect in the community...This so call app, is the same as malware in windows environments....is very invasive... tough to remove (i used it for 1 hour in 2012) and almost had to format my Hack.  

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I would like to trow in on MacKeeper here, having serviced many hundreds macs in the last few years this single pice of software is the culprit of many hundres of issues including but not limited to KP's, no sound, not sleeping, not waking from sleep, not able to install updates.... the list is long! every time see it on a mac its time for os OS reinstall.


In my experience AVOID!

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I can confirm that MacKeeper is junk.

Lots of  my customers had installed it and then come to me for slow/crashing/acting strangely Macs.

The first thing I do on a Mac I'm servicing is to remove MacKeeper if present, often this is the only real problem of that Mac.

If it's not malware it is a good imitation.


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Easy to install

Difficult to remove; viral like in this aspect.



About the Review that started this discussion thread:


Your biggest gains in disk space recovery( 1.1 gb and 2.0 gb )  were obtained by:

- 1. Binary Application Trimming:  Removes parts of your applications used only for old processor technology; used in very old Apple products, ie: Power PC, etc

- 2. Language Support Trimming: Removes parts of your applications used to support worldwide languages; which you will not be using if your Mac is set to one language preference.

- 3. Once item 1 and item 2 above are removed/cleaned,  they don't need to be checked again unless you update the application with a new version. The HD space saved is permanent, until       you update your applications to the next version.

- 4. Binary and language files require less frequent removal; only when a new app is installed or an existing app is updated.



Your 2nd biggest gains in disk space recovery( a little over 400 mb or less than half of one gb ) were obtained by:

- 1. Deleting cache files from multiple applications( biggest savings usually comes from your Internet browser cache ).
- 2. Deleting OSX log files ( these files keep track of system & applications operations and errors, etc ) 

- 3. With Cache and Log files, they will usually consume more hard disk space as you use the applications that depend on the caches.

- 4. Cache and Log files require more frequent removal. This is related to, how often you use the application.



How to get the same benefits for free, with open source/free software. I recommend, if appropriate for your OSX version:

1. http://yasuapp.com/

2. http://monolingual.sourceforge.net/

3. http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner


I have used the above apps for years. I highly recommend and stand behind them as most useful to me( as of the date of this post ).


The Alarmist

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