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  1. Mac Keeper 2.5 Review

    MacKeeper: Easy to install Difficult to remove; viral like in this aspect. About the Review that started this discussion thread: Your biggest gains in disk space recovery( 1.1 gb and 2.0 gb ) were obtained by: - 1. Binary Application Trimming: Removes parts of your applications used only for old processor technology; used in very old Apple products, ie: Power PC, etc - 2. Language Support Trimming: Removes parts of your applications used to support worldwide languages; which you will not be using if your Mac is set to one language preference. - 3. Once item 1 and item 2 above are removed/cleaned, they don't need to be checked again unless you update the application with a new version. The HD space saved is permanent, until you update your applications to the next version. - 4. Binary and language files require less frequent removal; only when a new app is installed or an existing app is updated. Your 2nd biggest gains in disk space recovery( a little over 400 mb or less than half of one gb ) were obtained by: - 1. Deleting cache files from multiple applications( biggest savings usually comes from your Internet browser cache ). - 2. Deleting OSX log files ( these files keep track of system & applications operations and errors, etc ) - 3. With Cache and Log files, they will usually consume more hard disk space as you use the applications that depend on the caches. - 4. Cache and Log files require more frequent removal. This is related to, how often you use the application. How to get the same benefits for free, with open source/free software. I recommend, if appropriate for your OSX version: 1. http://yasuapp.com/ 2. http://monolingual.sourceforge.net/ 3. http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner I have used the above apps for years. I highly recommend and stand behind them as most useful to me( as of the date of this post ). The Alarmist