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  1. Looks like Core2Duo E8500 can be the issue here, not sure if it's still supported, maybe requires some kernel patching
  2. Is it going to happen on April 1st 2020 by any chance?
  3. XLR


    (no horses were harmed during this post)
  4. XLR

    AMD FirePro w5100 on MacPro 5.1 High Sierra

    Of course you won't have a boot screen, if the card doesn't has an EFI ROM for mac.
  5. Thank you very much, almost everything works great except couple of things: USB3 is really slow, it works a little bit faster than USB2 but still much slower than USB3 suppose to be, And the boot process takes looong minutes, on the attached picture it slows down on the following 3 lines: "IOPPF: XCPM mode", "HID: Legacy shim 2", and the bottom line "Ethernet [intelMausi]: Link up on en0". Z370’s iMac.ioreg.zip
  6. Hi Mald0n, I have a new 8700K on Z370XP mobo, got it running on 10.12.6 but with lots of issues like USB, sleep, and power management in general. Please take a look if you can, Thanks in advance CLOVER.zip Send me Z370’s iMac.zip Z370’s iMac.ioreg.zip
  7. Looks like i got it fixed by using 15>26 port limit instead of 15>30 in kextstopatch, and now everything works great! Thank you! Btw, what dsdt patched did you apply?
  8. Here's the ioreg: Leon’s iMac.ioreg.zip Sound started working, pci devices show up in system profiler, shutdown works, lpc loads, but usb3 ports can only see usb2 devices... Interesting, if i put the system to sleep, then after it wakes up i can see all the attached usb3 devices. EDIT: Shutdown doesn't works when usb devices connected. Also, if i connect a usb-c device when the computer is off - it turns on again...
  9. Sorry for bumping an old thread, but did you manage to get PCI devices info in system profiler?
  10. ​Hi MaLd0n, I have a Z270XP with many issues: most usb ports don't work, restart instead of shutdown, problems waking up after sleep, pci devices don't display in system profiler, can't load lpc without kp, etc... Can you please take a look, here's my clover folder with F4 acpi tables, ioreg and sendme. Thanks in advance CLOVER.zip Leon’s iMac.ioreg.zip Send me Leon’s iMac.zip
  11. Tried Nvidia GT610 and the onboard Intel 630, both giving me this kp... Also, on GT610 in safe mode i'm getting a black screen, with and without nvidia injection. Replaced the gfx card to GT210 and managed to boot it in safe mode only Update: Updated to 10.12.6 in safe mode with GT210, changed smbios to imac18,1 removed fakecpuid and now it's booting normally without safe mode. However, GT610 always gives a black screen now - with and without injection, with and without webdriver...( Update#2 With imac14,2 smbios i can get the GT610 working (webdriver, no injection) but the mouse cursor becomes invisible Update#3 Shut down doesn't works when any USB storage device connected, it restarts after 10 seconds. Tried enabling FixShutdown in Clover but it doesn't help...
  12. Hi Maldon, i've got the same Z270-HD3P and 7700K, tried this clover folder you made for UITniun but i'm getting the following kp: