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  1. You will notice in the morning, after Apple employees change your CPU at night when you're asleep.
  2. Hi MaLd0n, here's another sendme, please take a look: Send me B360Ms-iMac.zip It has nvidia and intel gfx, it would be great if it's possible to make both working Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm using DVMT Pre-Allocated - 64M, and DVMT Total Gfx Mem - MAX. Do you recommend changing the "Pre-Allocated" to specific value, or just playing with higher values until i find the right one?
  4. Cool:) Sleep started working, but upon wake up it gives an errors about usb drives "disk not ejected properly" and doesn't mount some of the usb disks. I'm going to install another M.2 drive, a faster one with Mojave. Can i use this clover folder for Mojave too? EDIT: Booting when display connected to HD630 gives a KP: Thanks!
  5. Hi MaLd0n! Got my hands on a new Z390, here's a sendme from latest bios, please take a look. I'm trying to make it work on HS and Mojave. Using Nvidia at the moment, but making the iGPU work can be nice. Thanks in advance) Send me Z390s-iMac.zip
  6. Looks like Core2Duo E8500 can be the issue here, not sure if it's still supported, maybe requires some kernel patching
  7. Is it going to happen on April 1st 2020 by any chance?
  8. XLR


    (no horses were harmed during this post)
  9. XLR

    AMD FirePro w5100 on MacPro 5.1 High Sierra

    Of course you won't have a boot screen, if the card doesn't has an EFI ROM for mac.
  10. Thank you very much, almost everything works great except couple of things: USB3 is really slow, it works a little bit faster than USB2 but still much slower than USB3 suppose to be, And the boot process takes looong minutes, on the attached picture it slows down on the following 3 lines: "IOPPF: XCPM mode", "HID: Legacy shim 2", and the bottom line "Ethernet [intelMausi]: Link up on en0". Z370’s iMac.ioreg.zip