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FileNVRAM 1.1.2 Released

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xZenue is proud to present




version 1.1.2



FileNVRAM Release Notes


========= Version 1.1.2 =======

* Fixed a regression in 1.1.1 causing sleep to break.


========= Version 1.1.1 =======

* Fixed an issue where non-root users could delete variables

* Fixed a potential issue with sleep

* Fixed a potential issue with 10.8.3

* Fixed an issue where boot-args remain after deleted on the command line.

* Update ROM generation to generate a random value.






FileNVRAM copyright xZeneu LLC.

FileNVRAM is licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported license.

Please see the license file for details







Please report any bugs at https://public.xzenue.com/bugzilla/







- Chameleon r2181 or newer






- Install the FileNVRAM.dylib to /Extra/modules/

- Reboot


Use the nvram command to manipulate variables

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Hi! ^_^


I'm trying all my best to get iMessage working, but I always get this error:




Could this problem be related to a bad working of this module?


I carefully followed this guide by eep357


but without results! There, in my post you could see if everything works well.


I add here my IOREG and the file generated by the module


iMac M83.zip


Thanks a lot! :)

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this module (the the 1.0 version) fixes my iMessage and it doesn't kill the return from sleep.

All good ... except that all FileNVRAM module kill my FaceTime.


Got this on console at launch : "FaceTime[276]: 20:54:32.083881 com.apple.AVConference: AudioObjectGetPropertyDataSize kAudioDevicePropertyDataSource failed with error 77686f3f 0 sources"

I can log, launch a call but it crashes when my contact accepts the facetime session.

Removed the module and it worked back.


edit : i boot my 10.8.2 with chameleon svn 2183.

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