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  1. Mr MagOO

    Clover.app testing

    Thank you! It's just polishing because it really works well now.
  2. Mr MagOO

    Clover.app testing

    Hi, i've noticed that when i switch from one user to another, the EFI partition is mounted. I think it's because of the fake nvram stuff writing on the nvram.plist file and does not unmount EFI. But i may be wrong. Is it possible to unmount EFI when switching between users ?
  3. Mr MagOO

    Clover.app testing

    Hi, tested v1.15 under Sierra's dark mode and all is ok. Thank you for your hard work.
  4. Mr MagOO

    Clover.app testing

    Thank you. I'm back to 1.12 which works great.
  5. Mr MagOO

    Clover.app testing

    Hello , 1.14 version does not show text in Sierra "dark" menu mode. Text windows are lighted out.
  6. Mr MagOO

    Yukon ethernet Catalina

    Ok, did an extract with Pacifist. Yukon kext works when injected with Clover. Notice that Mojave kext is the same as Sierra's one. I screwed something with Sierra kext but it normally works with whatever kext from Sierra to Mojave.
  7. I've seen that Yukon2.kext plugin is no more in Catalina's IONetworkingFamily.kext. I've tried to use the only one I've got from Sierra, no luck. Could someone give me the IONetworkingFamily.kext from last Mojave release, please? I will try it and report. PS : if you guys have a working solution for Yukon ethernet in Catalina, you are welcome too
  8. Mr MagOO

    Mojave and intel Q9550

    Yes, it is ... with a patched com.apple.telemetry.plugin google mojave2core ... But I see you have a radeon HD 5670 which is a no go because of the need for sse4.2 in Mojave AMD drivers. I suggest you to change it for a cheap nVidia GT 600 or 700 series. Works for me.
  9. Mr MagOO


    Works ! no "cpu28" anymore. still the -5V in the -12v monitoring. not a HMMonitorSMC2 issu but a W836x.kext setting for my chip. A big thank for your work.
  10. Mr MagOO

    Clover General discussion

    Since Clover REV 4502 "all drivers must be optional and available for UEFI only boot". Does this mean that we can't have XhciDxe-64 for USB3 cards to work in clover gui in legacy mode?
  11. Mr MagOO

    Clover problems report & features request

    Well, something is really happening with LANInjection=true ... but I don't know what because I lost my video with a black screen boot I've got this in Devices and Graphics : <key>Devices</key> <dict> <key>Audio</key> <dict> <key>Inject</key> <string>no</string> </dict> <key>LANInjection</key> <true/> <key>FakeID</key> <dict> <key>LAN</key> <string>0x435411ab</string> </dict> <key>USB</key> <dict> <key>AddClockID</key> <true/> <key>FixOwnership</key> <true/> <key>HighCurrent</key> <true/> <key>Inject</key> <true/> </dict> </dict> <key>Graphics</key> <dict> <key>Inject</key> <dict> <key>ATI</key> <false/> <key>Intel</key> <false/> <key>NVidia</key> <true/> </dict> <key>NvidiaGeneric</key> <true/> <key>VideoPorts</key> <integer>3</integer> </dict> Is there any change for video injection ? edit : {censored}, my fault, all is OK now with rev 4507. Thank you Slice!
  12. Mr MagOO

    Clover problems report & features request

    @Slice : is there a chance the FakeID injection is broken or do I need to change syntax or something to make it work post rev 4496 ?
  13. Mr MagOO


    No change with new kext, I'm afraid. I think it's not kext related, because there is no problem with HWmonitorSMC, only cpu28 with HWmonitorSMC2. -12V at -5,5 is not good for me because -12V shows -12V in bios. It think it appeared with a W836x.kext revision.
  14. Mr MagOO


    Hello, I found two strange things : a "cpu28" in multipliers with HWmonitorSMC2 and a -12V bus at -5V in both HWmonitorSMC and HMmonitorSMC2. Could you please take a look at this ? My old board is a P5Q deluxe with a Winbond W25P/X16 chip that can monitor 5 fans in bios, 3 in HWmonitor.
  15. Mr MagOO

    Clover problems report & features request

    Hi, it appears that <key>FakeID</key> <dict> <key>LAN</key> <string>0x435411ab</string> </dict> is broken since rev 4497 OK with 4495. Is it a bug in new injection method ?