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Guide: 10.8 on ASRock Z77E-ITX + HD 4000 graphics


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My setup:


Antec ISK110-VESA case


8gb DDR3 2133

80gb Intel SSD

Dell DW1515 AR9280 Wlan Mini pci-e card


Steps to get Mtn Lion working:


1. set graphics memory to 64mb in bios (important!)


2. install 10.8 GM from usb


3. after install, boot from usb and select new system


4. install MBeast 4.6.1 with these options:


- Easy

- Nullcpupowermanagement

- Mac mini

- Chameleon theme


5. install Chameleon 1.11.0


6. reboot


HD4000 works perfectly on DVI (did not try VGA or HDMI)

no wifi, LAN, or audio



To get audio working:


1. create DSDT.aml with DSDT Editor and put it in /Extra


2. use MBeast 5.0 to install Realtek ALC898 (with DSDT)


3. reboot


4. go to audio control panel, and select internal speakers. also turn on volume control.



To get WIFI working:


1. buy Dell DW1515 mini-pcie adapter (got one for $6 on Ebay) and swap it with stock card


2. in terminal:


sudo nano /System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/Info.plist


3. delete these lines and save it:





4. reboot


5. open network prefs


6. if you don't see a wifi connection, then hit + and add one, then apply

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Always nice to see cheaper boards on here. ASRock does do pretty full-featured well.


It seems this board boots installer and system with no dsdt? That sounds great. Perhaps you can supply the dsdt/smbios/boot.plist for anyone that may use it. In case they don't want to have to deal with MBeast for one reason or another.

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This is not a "cheaper" board, it goes for $150 on Newegg and has almost every feature imaginable in a Z77 board.


Everything works without the DSDT but I'm attaching it just in case anybody wants it.


Also, LAN works now with this kext:



Asrock Z77E DSDT.zip

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Is power management properly working? I have the same board along with 3570k and I'd like to get Yosemite on mine but when tried, I was having issues with power management. I need sleep/wake to work properly.

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