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  1. Mrengles

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Hello Mieze Thanks for all your hard work! I just installed the new driver and will provide feedback in regards to my (802.3ad bonded) small office OS X server. Gratitude, Robert aka Mrengles
  2. Mrengles

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    @Multistaf & Mieze Sorry for going off topic, but I though this would benefit Multistaf with his overall NAS transfer rates. The link below should help your R7000/NAS combo quite-a-bit. Keep in mind it will do nothing for your driver performance tuning or answer any of your questions. https://github.com/RMerl/asuswrt-merlin/wiki/Link-Aggregation * I've tried this with other R7000 open source firmwares like DD-WRT/Tomato without success. Good luck! Again sorry Mieze. Regards, Robert aka Mrengles
  3. Mrengles


    Thanks for the new Oz release! For anyone with interest... Here's my ASRock Z77 Professional-M 2.00 UEFI.rom injected with Ozmosis 167X-Mass: You will need your own Defaults.plist in /EFI/Oz/ Oz167x-ASRockZ77ProM-20.rom.zip Includes: EnhancedFAT.ffs ExtFS.ffs HermitShellX64.ffs HFSPlus.ffs Ozmosis.ffs OzmosisHorizontalTheme.ffs PartitionDxe.ffs SmcEmulatorKext.ffs Enjoy, Robert aka Mrengles
  4. Mrengles

    OS X Compatible Motherboard

    Who has stock to actually purchase this motherboard? I don't think they can even be purchased any longer...?