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  1. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Hello Mieze Thanks for all your hard work! I just installed the new driver and will provide feedback in regards to my (802.3ad bonded) small office OS X server. Gratitude, Robert aka Mrengles
  2. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    @Multistaf & Mieze Sorry for going off topic, but I though this would benefit Multistaf with his overall NAS transfer rates. The link below should help your R7000/NAS combo quite-a-bit. Keep in mind it will do nothing for your driver performance tuning or answer any of your questions. https://github.com/RMerl/asuswrt-merlin/wiki/Link-Aggregation * I've tried this with other R7000 open source firmwares like DD-WRT/Tomato without success. Good luck! Again sorry Mieze. Regards, Robert aka Mrengles
  3. Ozmosis

    Thanks for the new Oz release! For anyone with interest... Here's my ASRock Z77 Professional-M 2.00 UEFI.rom injected with Ozmosis 167X-Mass: You will need your own Defaults.plist in /EFI/Oz/ Oz167x-ASRockZ77ProM-20.rom.zip Includes: EnhancedFAT.ffs ExtFS.ffs HermitShellX64.ffs HFSPlus.ffs Ozmosis.ffs OzmosisHorizontalTheme.ffs PartitionDxe.ffs SmcEmulatorKext.ffs Enjoy, Robert aka Mrengles
  4. OS X Compatible Motherboard

    Who has stock to actually purchase this motherboard? I don't think they can even be purchased any longer...?
  5. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    I'm using this driver 2.1.0d1 with an OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 Server within a small business environment. 10-15 users are always active with DNS, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, File Sharing (SMB, AFP and WebDAV) Open Directory, VPN, Caching, and even NetInstall every once and a while without a single issue, my dual realtek ports are setup with 802.11 boding and I couldn't be happier! This server is run off a Gigabyte GA-Z77N-WiFI if you were interested... 2.1.0d1 fixes the bonding issues I would have occasionally after a restart of my Server. Now after a restart the bonded ports are always activated and no longer need a 5-10 shutdown to fix. <-- This does still happen with the Native Apple Intel ports on my Xserve though... I get better results with this Realtek driver then I do on my Xserve. Thanks Laura!
  6. Ozmosis

    Have you tried using the Hermit CSM module from the new QUO 1669M firmware? One of the devs mentioned its location a few pages back...
  7. Ozmosis

    @ FireFly About the AMD R9 280X most likely you need to use a SMBios from a Mac with a similar GPU or edit AGPM. If not than do the mess-around the FakeSMC (SmcEmulatorKext) GPU/LPC/CPU sensors. @StoneTemplePilots CSM works for me, and I haven't heard of anyone having issues. PS. Did the lead singer from STP die today? I'm pretty sure I just heard this on the news?
  8. Ozmosis

    1. The default.plist from 1479 should work without issues. Nothing was renamed. This was already answered in previous posts. 2. I don't know what clover has to do with Ozmosis? 3. Read the last 5-6 pages has all the newer 1669M information. Good luck.
  9. Ozmosis

    Hey Everyone Can someone with an Ozmosis Z77 Hackintosh with working iTunes Video/Movies DRM please share there settings/setup? Are you injecting Intel with Oz, DSDT or both? What SMBIOS information are you using? Whats AAPL,ig-platform-id framebuffer is being used? This is the only particular that I can't figure out, even though others have it working without issues. Thank you! Robert
  10. Ozmosis

    Oaky well after some more testing I've come to believe that Oz1669M handles sleep/hibernation different then past releases. In the past I would have to change PM settings with sudo pmset -a autopoweroff 0 && sudo pmset -a standby 0 to prevent restart on wake, but now with 1669M I can use the OS X defaults generated by my SMBIOS (defaults.plist) selection. My hack wakes just fine after short or longer periods (2-3 hours) of sleep by just setting the sleep times. It appears that I no longer need to mess with pmset. I might be wrong and this could just be a fluke, only time will tell, unless a Oz Developer can chime-in on the subject or source code is released. Might need to test hibernation (autopoweroff and standby) and give the machine more time in sleep mode. I'll report back with any new information. Today after working might give it enough time. I'm really happy with 1669M so far. The Time Machine issues doesn't seem to be interfering when on RAID volumes. Thanks again Devs! Gratitude, Robert aka Mrengles.
  11. Ozmosis

    Will parts of the Ozmosis code still become open source and made available on GitHub/SourceForge or the like? :praying: PS. I'm not sure if its an Ozmosis 1669M issue, but my monitor won't come back on after waking from sleep. I still need to do some research but it worked as expected with 1479. I'm using the same DSDT, SSDT, Kext Extensions and settings.
  12. Ozmosis

    @ CrazyCrator Looks like I'll be uploading a couple more custom oz firmwares soon. haha
  13. Ozmosis

    I have two 3TB hard disks is raid 0 with out any issues as time machine drive. If you want me to test anything specific I'm willing to do so. You must patch your own DSDT a link to my github repo with patches is in that very post.
  14. Ozmosis

    Just because it's easier for me to update FakeSMC extensions when new versions are released then having to reflash a firmware.
  15. Ozmosis

    @ Ozmosis Developers Thanks again for sharing 1669M with the community! Everything is working great now that bs0d figured out my Defaults.plist phrasing issue. The correct formatting helps. ;-) @ Ozmosis Users Here are my custom-built Ozmosis 1669M firmware images for the AsRock Fatal1ty Z77 Professional-M and Gigabyte GA-Z77N-WiFi with the follow FFS packages: EnhancedFAT.ffs HermitShellX64.ffs HFSPlus.ffs Ozmosis.ffs OzmosisTheme.ffs PartitionDXE.ffs You will still need to provide your own /EFI/Oz/Defaults.plist and extensions such as /EFI/Oz/Darwin/Extensions/Common/FakeSMC.kext for a working OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 system. * AsRock firmware patched with PM support. * Gigabyte firmware has native PM support. * DSDT patches for these systems are available https://github.com/Mrengles The firmware images have only been tested on my personal motherboards. Be safe and enjoy! Gratitude, Robert aka Mrengles Oz1669M-AsRockZ77ProM-20.zip Oz1669M-GigabyteZ77NWiFi-F3.zip