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Asus P6T + GTX 260 + Mountain Lion = Can't wake from sleep

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Ok, I think I have everything working except for wake from sleep (which works on my SL install). I can put the computer to sleep, but when I bring it up from sleep using mouse, keyboard or power button, the following happens:

  1. Case/CPU fans spin up.
  2. Video card fans spin up.
  3. Hard drive comes up (I have a loud velociraptor)
  4. No video on either of dual monitors
  5. Computer just sits there, no reboot



I also have VNC/screen share setup and I tested it works before sleep. After wake, I cannot VNC in, so it is not just video that's not workin.


Here are the things I've attempted (not together, I would undo one attempt before trying the next):

I saw improvement with the CMOS Patch manually (I used to get the CMOS resets before doing this patch).


I have what seems to be a proper working DSDT.aml that I patched using a DSDT Editor and a patch for my motherboard at olarila.com. I'm also using an SSDT.aml installed by ######.


I have a very minimal kext list, trying to keep it as vanilla as possible. I had to modify IONetworkingFamily.kext to make my onboard NIC's work. I installed a patched version of 10.6's AppleHDA.kext to get my sound working.


I have the following in my E/E:



(I had the rolled back v1.3.5 AppleACPIPlatform.kext to cut back on the boot delay, but I don't see the boot delay without it, so I removed it and reinstalled the original 1.6 kext in S/L/E)

my org.chameleon.Boot.plist:


<key>Default Partition</key>




<key>Graphics Mode</key>




<key>Kernel Flags</key>

<string>darkwake=0 -v arch=x86_64</string>










smbios.plist has imac 12,2 set at the moment, but I've tried macpro 3,1 & 4,1.






I have a clean boot, I can't see anything wrong with it. Again, when I wake, I don't see kernel panics. Just this hang...


Any help would be much appreciated =)


Please let me know if there is anymore info I can provide.

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try to use MacPro4.1 or MacPro5.1 and use this DSDT


and patch the AppleRTC too with this terminal command


sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x75\x30\x89\xd8|\xeb\x30\x89\xd8|' /System/Library/Extensions/AppleRTC.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleRTC


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I also have this problem, but randomly, not all the time.

I guess that it has sth to do with google chrome, i don't want to test too much because i have to shut down my pc manually and my HDD has already given me some warnings.

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