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  1. My board is Asus P6T (vanilla/plain) and yours is P6T Deluxe so my DSDT can't be used with yours. IIRC Ermac has an updated DSDT for P6T Deluxe. as for AppleRTC.kext, I attached the one that I'm using. AppleRTC.zip
  2. Sleep works flawlessly here... Have you patch the AppleRTC kext ? you need to patch it in order to make sleep to work.
  3. Ermac already posted a guide how to install ML on Italian thread, I have followed those instructions with success, just use google translate to translate the guide in English, here is the link http://www.insanelym...-automatizzata/
  4. Intel 330 series are not the fastest SSD in the market. Although the specs says that you can achieve 500MB/s but that is only marketing gimmick that you shouls aware of. Furthermore when using a SATA 3/6Gbps PCIe card, you can't get the max performance rated as 6Gbps or 750MB/s. If you really want a fast SSD in benchmark you should opt for Samsung 830, there might be a chance to hit 500MB/s or around 450-480MB/s in non RAID setup. If you ask me whether I can feel the difference in real world environment between 300MB/s and 500MB/s ? The answer is not really. Difference 1-2 secs faster in launching an application really can't feel the difference. Only on benchmarks you can see it. Just be happy with your Intel 330 180GB as it really make a big difference when compare to mechanical drives. For me Intel 330 is worth the price of it's performance.
  5. Updated to 10.8.2 here also went smoothly, no problems so far. As for sound have you tried the ALC_1063 drivers ? You can find it on the Sound section. I'm using that driver and it's working perfectly on 10.8.2.
  6. 10.8.2 Final! (C54)

    Update went fine using the 10.8.2 Combo Update, no problem. As usual for any update have to install back sound driver.
  7. Ok let me see if I understand what were you trying to ask. Yes this card is capable of booting any drives that are connected to it's ports. In the BIOS you can have the option to set the drive that is being connected to it to be the first in boot order. Yes both of my Intel 330 60GB SSDs are TRIM enable. I'm using this application ( http://chameleon.ale...ni.it/index.php ) to enable the TRIM support on 10.8.1. I have set my Intel 330 60GB SSDs as a boot drive configured with RAID 0 using AppleRAID software. If you are interested on doing the same setup or configuration, you can go to this thread ( http://www.insanelym...howtopic=282274 ) and read all about it. You can install the kext even though you don't have the ASM1061 card plug in yet. I hope that I have answered all your questions.
  8. Install the kext I'm attaching with kext wizard and reboot, you'll see the Asmedia ASM1061 in system profile like this. I'm using 2 x Intel 330 60GB SSD in RAID 0. AHCI_3rdParty_SATA.zip
  9. DarwinDumper

    Can you make an option to save to other folder instead of the Desktop ?
  10. DarwinDumper

    thank you for the fabulous app....
  11. He answered why on Lion I got 5 options on Energy saver preferences whereas in Mountain Lion I only got 3 options....so his posted screenshots and explanation had answered the question that has been in my mind for a while (yeah I never bother to ask around and just accept it).