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Found 67 results

  1. Hello there everyone. I recently put together a CL hackintosh for a somebody else and it mostly works fine; however, he's been having a problem that I (so far) haven't been able to replicate. He sometimes gets odd beachballs that end up freezing the computer into needing a cold shutdown and boot; which usually in turn freeze halfway through the boot process only for a reboot to work. Recently he mentioned this happened after several hours of sleep (left the computer sleeping during the night), so I'll try reproducing it later. However, I'm trying to figure out what the actual problem might be. I've got a theory: Wake-up issues with the NVME controller. Why? I've been experiencing similar issues on my real MBP (2011) because the secondary HD ribbon cable has been coming loose. Of course, since it's just a secondary drive, it's a large inconvenience but it doesn't completely shut the computer down. It would certainly be different if this was happening with the primary drive, though. What do people think about this? It's the first time I've built a hackintosh with modern hardware (my own is Ivy Bridge) and I'd never tried NVME before, so there's been plenty of trial and error involved in this build. Stats: CPU: i7-8700 MB: Gigabyte Z370-HD3P RAM: 32 GB DDR4 Video: Asus RX580 Drives: Samsung 940 EVO, 2x 1TB HDDs. Wifi/BT: BCM94331 Other than this issue, pretty much everything seems to be working fine on 10.13.2 (with the exception of the CPU saying Unknown on "About this Mac" but I guess that's cosmetic and expected)
  2. Hi All, I am currently running on OS X 10.13.1 (High Sierra) and everything works perfectly, besides sleep... I've scoured the internet for an answer but can't figure out how to force my computer to stay asleep (seriously, it's like an infant that's consumed too much sugar). Keeping the computer on 24/7 is wasting so much energy. Here are my specifications: CPU: I7-4790k (Haswell) Memory: 32gb DDR3 GPU: Nvidia 1080ti Gigabyte Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI Network Card: TP-Link Archer T9E (PCI-E Wireless AC) Cooler: Corsair H110i GTX (Corsair Link Connected to USB Header) HDD: 4 SSD's Other Accessories: Oculus Rift, C920 Webcam, Yeti USB Microphone Here are the Kexts/items I've installed into the computer: Clover (UEFI Boot Mode), Drivers (VoodooHDA V2. 9.0d10), 3rd Party SATA, FakeSMC, FakeSMC Plugins, 3rd Party USB 3.0, 7/8/9 Series USB Support, NVIDIA Web Drivers Boot Flag Here is the output of "pmset -g assertions": https://imgur.com/a/Zo4kG Here is what I've done so far: Changes Standby, Autopoweroff, StandbyDelay values Went to BIOS, disabled Wake on Lan Option Changed the darkwake settings to darkwake = no and darkwake = 8,9.. Cried myself to sleep out of frustration At the moment, I turned the hibernatemode to 25 and that seems to shut the computer down automatically. The downside to this is, I need to wait for the computer to completely boot up each time it goes into Hibernate..
  3. I recently updated my T520 hackintosh to macOS High Sierra, works great with one exception; sleeping/waking. I've noticed that if I have the bluetooth switch on the laptop turned on, it'll kernel panic when waking from sleep mode, otherwise it'll work fine. Any suggestions for getting sleep mode to work with bluetooth being turned on? It used to work in Sierra.. Ill attach a copy of the kernel panic that seems to occur. Note: I get the same result with darkwake=0
  4. I'm using ASRock H110-G/M.2, i3-7100 and GT1030 for my hackintosh build. I'm having problem with sleep and wake if I set darkwake=0, my system will wake after 20secs from sleep, if I set darkwake=8, my display can't wake after sleep. Anyway I can find this issue?
  5. Hi everyone! I have a Sony Vaio Fit15E running macOS 10.12.5 with almost everything working. The only problem is that, when it wakes up from sleep (hibernatemode 3), the screen's backlight doesn't light up. In order to make it work, I have to close and open the lid one more time. After that, the backlight lights up just fine. The backlight worked fine until Yosemite, if i recall. I've tried a zillion methods, including some old GMA950 topics about that issue and also messed with all those darkwake options. I've attached my DSDT. It has the following patches: GFX0 -> IGPU, HDA Layout ID 3, Remapping Q8E and Q8F keys (for brightness keys) and Sony Vaio SVE Battery Patch. For brightness, I'm using the new method with separate SSDT_PNLF.aml. Brightness slider works fine. Also, I have the follwing kexts at Clover's other kext folder: ACPIBatteryManager.kext, CodecCommander.kext (HDA sound after sleep), FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext, FakePCIID.kext, USBInjectAll.kext (without these three, I can't get my built-in webcam and RT2870 usb wifi to work), FakeSMC.kext, RealtekRTL8111.kext and VoodooPS2Controller.kext. On System/Library/Extensions, I have: AppleHDA.kext (patched with HDA-Patcher) and RT2870USBWirelessDriver.kext. As boot flags, I have: npci=0x2000, dart=0 and slide=100 (with this flag, hibernatemode 25 'full hibernate' works). I'm really creating this topic because I don't know what else I can do. I have years of hackintosh (since Tiger, not on this same hardware, lol), but I can't find a solution for this particular issue. Thanks you all. DSDT.aml.zip
  6. I've been running my hackintosh for about 3 weeks now and have gradually managed to fix all of my issues except for one... my main audio dies if my system falls asleep. Mobo: ASUS Z170 Pro CPU: i7-6700k Codec: ALC1150 GPU: MSI GTX 970 4GD5T OC OS: 10.12.4 I've tried pretty much everything to fix this. Codec Commander doesn't seem to do anything and any/all of the apps that are supposed to reset my audio just crash it instead and wipe everything from my output list. I use the green output for my main audio, but it's worth noting that even after sleep, I can still get audio through my Display Port/Monitor. It's just the one I actually use that doesn't work. Attached: Copy of my IO Registry CodecCommander I'm using My EFI/Clover/config.plist iMac.zip CodecCommander.kext.zip config.plist.zip
  7. Hi All, I have spent lots of time of this and read all of the guides to fixing it and still no dice. The problem is that my system immediately wakes back up after being put to sleep. My system: ASRock Z97 EXTREME6, Socket-1150 1 1 Intel Core i7-4790K 1 1 Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 2400MHz 16GB 1 From pmset -g log: UUID: 9FA1E4A9-8AAF-4002-9E49-3DAB8DCB9D97 2017-02-19 15:44:14 +0100 Sleep Entering Sleep state due to 'Software Sleep pid=116': Using AC 12 secs 2017-02-19 15:44:17 +0100 PM Client Acks Delays to Sleep notifications: [com.apple.apsd is slow(3008 ms)] 2017-02-19 15:44:25 +0100 Kernel Client Acks Delays to Sleep notifications: [powerd is slow(3009 ms)] [iONVMeController driver is slow(msg: SetState to 0)(605 ms)] [AppleAHCIDiskQueueManager driver is slow(msg: SetState to 0)(1363 ms)] 2017-02-19 15:44:25 +0100 Assertions Kernel Idle sleep preventers: IODisplayWrangler 2017-02-19 15:44:25 +0100 Notification Display is turned on 2017-02-19 15:44:25 +0100 Assertions PID 191(mDNSResponder) Created MaintenanceWake "mDNSResponder:maintenance" 00:00:00 id:0x0xd000082ce [system: DeclUser BGTask SRPrevSleep kCPU kDisp] 2017-02-19 15:44:25 +0100 Assertions PID 191(mDNSResponder) Released MaintenanceWake "mDNSResponder:maintenance" 00:00:00 id:0x0xd000082ce [system: DeclUser BGTask kDisp] 2017-02-19 15:44:26 +0100 Wake Wake from Normal Sleep [CDNVA] due to PXSX/: Using AC 2017-02-19 15:44:26 +0100 HibernateStats hibmode=0 standbydelay=0 239 2017-02-19 15:44:26 +0100 Kernel Client Acks Delays to Wake notifications: [PRT1 driver is slow(msg: SetState to 2)(304 ms)] [AppleUSB30XHCIPort driver is slow(msg: SetState to 3)(322 ms)] [AppleUSB30XHCIPort driver is slow(msg: DidChangeState to 3)(301 ms)] [AppleUSB30XHCIPort driver is slow(msg: SetState to 3)(322 ms)] [AppleUSB30XHCIPort driver is slow(msg: DidChangeState to 3)(301 ms)] [AppleHDADriver driver is slow(msg: SetState to 1)(431 ms)] [AppleUSB20HubPort driver is slow(msg: SetState to 3)(449 ms)] [PRT0 driver is slow(msg: SetState to 2)(1129 ms)] [PRT0 driver is slow(msg: SetState to 2)(1129 ms)] 2017-02-19 15:44:26 +0100 Assertions PID 63(powerd) Created InternalPreventSleep "com.apple.powermanagement.acwakelinger" 00:00:00 id:0x0xd000082d7 [system: DeclUser BGTask SRPrevSleep kCPU kDisp] From ioreg -l | grep PCI, the relevant device seems to be: +-o PXSX@0 <class IOPCIDevice, id 0x1000001d6, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (5718 ms), retain 12> | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/RP07@1c0006/PXSX@0" | | | | "IOPCIExpressLinkCapabilities" = 17038354 | | | | "IOPCIPMCSState" = 33032 | | | | "IOPCIExpressLinkStatus" = 4114 | | | | "IOPCIExpressCapabilities" = 18 | | | | "IOInterruptControllers" = ("io-apic-0","IOPCIMessagedInterruptController") | | | | "IOPCIResourced" = Yes | | | | "IOPCIMSIMode" = Yes | | | +-o PXSX@00000000 <class AppleUSBXHCIPCI, id 0x10000025a, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (5223 ms), retain 89> | | | | "IOClass" = "AppleUSBXHCIPCI" | | | | "CFBundleIdentifier" = "com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBXHCIPCI" | | | | "IOProviderClass" = "IOPCIDevice" | | | | "IOPCIClassMatch" = "0x0c033000" | | | | "IOPCITunnelCompatible" = Yes | | | | "IOPCIPauseCompatible" = Yes | | | | "device-properties" = {"AAPL,current-in-sleep"=<e803>,"AAPL,current-extra"=<800c>,"acpi-path"="IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/RP07@1c0006/PXSX@0","built-in"=<00>,"AAPL,clock-id"=<02>,"device_type"=<"XHCI">,"acpi-device"="IOACPIPlatformDevice is not serializable","AAPL,current-available"=<3408>} From the DSDT, the relevant portion of code seems to be: Scope (_SB.PCI0.RP07) { Method (_INI, 0, NotSerialized) // _INI: Initialize { Store (LTR7, LTRE) Store (PML7, LMSL) Store (PNL7, LNSL) Store (OBF7, OBFF) } Method (_PRW, 0, NotSerialized) // _PRW: Power Resources for Wake { Return (GPRW (0x09, 0x04)) } } As far as I understand, the DSDT is correctly configured to prevent the PCI device from waking the machine up. Yet it still does. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  8. Attempted fixes: - Using MaciASL to patch a clean DSDT for Sabertooth z77 - no change upon installation of DSDT file. - Using UEFIPatch to patch my bios with sandy bridge power management - no change after flashing - Downloading a pre-patched bios for hackintosh pm - no change - Fiddling with bios settings endlessly Any ideas? Guiz?
  9. Help with sleep/wake (UX305UA)

    Hello all, I'm having some trouble trying to get sleep working on my laptop. The symptoms are as if there is no power management; upon attempting to sleep, the display will turn off but the laptop otherwise remains on. I have everything else working, including power management/speed stepping so I suspect its just DSDT issues from here (or I'm just forgetting something really key...). Ioreg (2.1) and DSDT are zipped and attached. Thanks! Archive.zip
  10. Hello all, I'm having some trouble trying to get sleep working on my laptop. The symptoms are as if there is no power management; upon attempting to sleep, the display will turn off but the laptop otherwise remains on. I have everything else working, including power management/speed stepping so I suspect its just DSDT issues from here (or I'm just forgetting something really key...). Ioreg (2.1) and DSDT are zipped and attached. Thanks! Archive.zip
  11. Hello, guys! I was messing around with my DSDT, asking for help here and there, trying to solve the last thing to make my Cintiq Companion 2 a perfect hack and provide a perfect guide for it. I don't know where more I can ask, so I hope somebody with more knowledge than me about ACPI and many more could possibly had some time to help this fella debug some stuff. My system: Cintiq Companion 2 DTHW1310L (Clover) i5-4258U, H8x/P8x Intel Iris 5100, 2560x1440 (QHD) My problem is related to wake from sleep using power button. Everything else works very well. My system enters sleep well, led blinks as expected. From here, there are two ways to wake it: Option 1.- Using PWRB (Power Button): it wakes, backlight with black screen (seems to try to connect or push signal to display), ten seconds and display go off, no backlight. Fans keep running, system is available in SSH but not in screen sharing. USB seems not work after sleep since connecting a usb keyboard and built-in buttons doesn't make anything. Option 2.- Connecting the "Wacom link cable"*: it wakes, backlight with black screen, if you wait about 20 or 30 second, display comes back. It's the only way I have to wake my system properly (Wacom link cable doesn't need to be connected to another computer, just connecting the 24-pin connector to my Companion make it wake). * Wacom link cable is a special cable with one 24-pin connector in one side to attach to Companion 2 and an HDMI and an USB cables in the other for a host computer. When connected, if Cintiq Companion 2 goes to sleep, hardware is detected by host computer as a standalone Cintiq 13HD and a USB HUB, so you can use it as an aditional display with Wacom features with future or more powerful systems. This hardware function is called Cintiq Mode. Things I've tried: I'm trying to use ACPIDebug.kext (thanks to RehabMan) in order to try to debug if my device properly wakes or somewhere in ACPI it stopped (please, forgive if I'm say things wrong, english is not my native language and I don't have any coder or programming skills or background). But more tracing code is needed for what I've been told, but don't know how to do it. Some guidance here will be really appreciated. I can see logs in Console.app if Option 2 is choosen, but using PWRB makes impossible to do that. Black screen as I said, so I need to force a shutdown. I don't know if there's a way to record logs in a file before put system to sleep, so I will be able to check them after a forced reboot. FYI, I've tried to use all ig-platform-id I could find in AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext with different DVMT-prealloc values in BIOS and proper Clover patches, including those "enable display after wake" patches you can find in RehabMan repo. I've played with framebuffer sizes, cursor bytes, delay, connector port types... No solution so far. Curious things: - If I boot in safe mode, wake from sleep using PWRB works (WTF). - My display seems to have more than one EDID (I used RW-Everything in Windows). It works under OSX even if I change connector type in port 0 from LVDS to eDP or HDMI. I've tried to inject using Clover or DSDT patch, no-connect or no-edid.. These tests bring some differences in display behaviour (recognized as external or internal, with or without backlight control) but issue persists. I'm attaching files for any of you that have the time and want to help. Files are: - Original Clover extracted ACPI files. - Clover folder. - Multipatch (all patches used for this device copied/pasted in one single text file) - IOReg - Intel Video Bios extracted from Linux. - EDID extracted with SwitchResX from OSX. Thanks in advance! Companion2.zip
  12. Hello I am installing 10.11.6 on an Asus H70M-Plus (see config1 in my signature). Everything is fine (sound not installed, will come later) except an ethernet problem in relation to sleep/wake: I use MausiEthernet kext for the I219v, works fine till the first sleep/wake: the IP is not renewed after wake. If I do a "ifconfig en0 down" followed by "ifconfig en0 up" the interface gets its IP back and networks is fine till the next sleep/wake. I tried with older kext revision (2.1.0), same problem. Tried loading kext from /S/L/E or EFI/.../kexts/10.11 or /others: same problem. Tried Clover ACPI settings to fix lan: same result, tried with or without WakeOnLan in bios or/and System preference panel: same result Sleep/wake works OK for USB and graphics, only ethernet is problematic. I think that it is a powermanagement problem wthat could be cured with a proper dsdt edit, but cannot figure what to do. I am currently using the debug version of MausiEthernet kext, I upload several files to help diagnose problem, feel free to ask for more info if needed. Thanks in advance for any suggestion. Folder with relevant files H170M-Plus Files.zip EDIT: As I suspected, nothing to do with MausiEthernet kext, it was a DSDT error in Method(_PRW). Once fixed, no more problem after wake. Sound fixed also with voodoohda, everything is fine, thread marked as solved. BTW, Great job with this network kext !
  13. Hey guys, my main rig doesn't wake up properly. The system runs just fine, tested Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra, but when it goes to sleep and I try to wake it up by USB keyboard, mouse or power button it comes to life but doesn't turn on the monitors (HDMI and DVI at iGPU) and reboots after a few seconds. What can I do? I use latest Clover and a patched DSDT. I attach the OEM DSDT and a file of fixes I use. Archiv.zip
  14. SOLUTION: Found out I was using the wrong version of MaciASL (1.4). The correct version is 1.31 RM. Hi everyone, So my end goal is to disable USB wake from sleep by applying either "usb_prw_0x0d_xhc.txt" or the "usb_prw_0x6d_xhc.txt" patch from RehabMan's repository. But before the (patched) DSDT.dsl can be compiled the following errors need to be cleared. So far I did the following: Used Clover + F4 to get DSDT.aml and the SSDT.aml files Used iasl in Terminal (iasl -da -dl DSDT.aml SSDT*.aml) to decompile DSDT.aml and SSDTs Opened DSDT.dsl in MaciASL When trying to compile the (unmodified, for testing's sake) DSDT.dsl file MaciASL spits out 6 errors. Tried both the 5.0A and 5.1 compiler: same result. 4.0 causes even more errors. 13920 6126 syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_ARG0 15571 6126 syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '(' 15733 6126 syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '(' 15746 6126 syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_STORE 15748 6126 syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_STORE 15757 6126 syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_METHOD, expecting $end and premature End-Of-File How can these errors be fixed? I don't have enough knowdledge on the subject to fix it on my own. Help is greatly appreciated! Link to the terminal log Link to the DSDT.dsl file Update: Managed to get rid of 1 error by using refs.txt in the disassembly process as described in this thread.
  15. I have successfully installed El Capitan. Post-installation, I've found that waking from sleep renders the audio inoperable; rebooting restores audio. I've looked at several solutions that haven't worked: • Installed AppleALC.kext With this method, audio still works, but audio sleep didn't work. As per the instructions, I tried different layouts but none of them allowed me to wake from sleep with audio. I kept this installation. • Installed EAPD-Codec-Commander With this method, I tried following instructions I found on another forum, but the plist file was updated so it wasn't clear to me how to move forward in correctly configuring the codec to work. I just copied it to /S/L/E. I also edited my Clover config to use `darkwake=8` but this just disabled my audio. I rolled back to the previous install of AppleALC.kext and that restored my audio. Here are my questions: • I don't understand what the different layouts in the wiki represent. I tested and tried all the recommended ones; some worked and some didn't. I just rolled back to `id=1` because it was one of the ones that worked. What do the layouts represent? • Is there a specific way I should configure Codec Commander? Looking through the Info.plist, it's clear that there should be some configuration, but I'm not sure what's right for my system. • Ultimately, I just want audio to work after waking from sleep. Are there other resources people can point me to? I've searched this forum and others and haven't found something that works for this motherboard. Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone, I'm posting a new thread on behalf of myself and a few other members here (konrad11901, blackswords and Dmitry R). We've been experiencing an unstable system after wake. My system is ab Asrock Z97M OC Formula with an i5-4670k, konrad11901 has an MSI B85-G43 Gaming with an i5-4460, blackswords has an MSI PC Mate Z97 with an i5-4690k and Dimitry R has an Asrock Z170M-ITX ac with an i3-6100. I recently got my Z97M OC Formula to replace a GA-Z87MX-D3H which suffered from corrupted memory after long sleep. I'm booting using Clover, with a patched DSDT, and an SSDT generated with PikerAlpha's ssdtPRGen.sh. I've attached the files of my configuration. Soon after wake, the log shows messages such as: 2016-03-29 11:23:21,000 kernel[0]: Unsynchronized TSC for cpu 1: 0x0000000193273184, delta 0x18e0a1aca 2016-03-29 11:23:21,000 kernel[0]: Unsynchronized TSC for cpu 2: 0x0000000193428ced, delta 0x18e0a1aed 2016-03-29 11:23:21,000 kernel[0]: Unsynchronized TSC for cpu 3: 0x00000001935de52f, delta 0x18e0a1aed followed by process crashes, usually culminating in a launchd crash, causing a kernel panic and a reboot: *** Panic Report ***panic(cpu 1 caller 0xffffff800cb9aaa4): launchd exited (signal 8, exit status 0 ) … Thread 3 crashed … We have noticed that the output of pmset -g log | grep -i failure points to various PCIe devices, most notably the graphics card. Here's my output at the moment: 2016-03-29 13:11:50 +0200 Failure Drivers Failure panic during wake due to PEG0(NVDA NVDA NVDA NVDA NVDA NVDA),IGPU(): 2016-03-29 22:45:40 +0200 Failure Drivers Failure panic during wake due to PEG0(NVDA NVDA NVDA NVDA NVDA NVDA),IGPU(): With VoodooTSCSync.kext, we've noticed launchd crashes less often, meaning waking from sleep works, apart from the other processes that do crash. My theory is that there's something wrong with the firmware of our boards, or an issue with the DSDT or with CPU power management. This underlying problem is causing a TSC sync issue, which causes problems with PCIe devices as well as processes. Does anyone know the cause? Are there more people with this issue? And can anyone explain the relationship between the TSC, the HPET and the RTC? Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed any light on this issue. Kind regards, Pieter Edit: I forgot to mention that konrad11901 discovered that when using hibernation (hibernatemode=25) in stead of sleep there are no crashes, but of course, this isn't an ideal solution. Z97M OC Formula.zip
  17. Hi guys, I have a skylake Asrock Z170M-ITX_ac m/b with Core i3-6100 and GTX 950 connected via club3d adapter to a 4k@60Hz TV Seiki SE42UMS. It's running 10.11.3 with clover uefi. I didn't make any direct DSDT patches. I'm using only clover config options and kexts injecting. Almost all works fine. There are 2 problems. First one is that the system doesn't wake up normally after a sleep. It goes to a reboot immediately after wake. I've tried most of the settings in Clover, nothing helped. A piece of log between wake and next boot is attached as well as DarwinDumper report and Clover's config.plist The second problem is choppy audio over HDMI at 4k@60Hz resolution. Other resolutions as well as other frequencies produce normal sound. I checked the sound with the same 4k@60Hz resolution under windows and all is OK there. So the problem is in software, not in hardware. If anybody can help me with these problems It would very much appreciated. Regards, Dmitry Archive.zip DarwinDumper_2.9.9.2_AMI_X64_3358_Cap_dima.zip
  18. no graphics on wake

    This is my first post, so I apologize if I don't know some of the rules, etiquette, etc... I've been having a problem waking my graphics from sleep. Sleep seems to work, just problems on wake. I can ssh into it after wake, so network is working. Capslock on keyboard works, and mouse lights up. I feel like it may be GPU related. I have graphics working perfectly before sleep QE/CI..etc. I'm using exotic patch kexts for 10.9.4. I patched the card into DSDT as well. An interesting note, is if I remove the Graphics accelerator kext (ATIRadeonX2000). The screen will wake, but It will be discoloured and distorted. But I can use the computer at that point to reboot. Any help would be appreciated. Have spent the last couple weeks trying to figure this out. Thanks RIc.
  19. Hi All, As mentioned in my other post, I'm trying to get sleep/wake working properly on my X99 Extreme4. It would help if I could get a look at someone's working X99 DSDT from any motherboard. If your X99 Hack does sleep/wake on any OS but especially 10.11, I'd love to get a look at the details. Thanks in advance! Allen
  20. Hi All, I've got my Hack working beautifully with the following setup: ASRock X99 Extreme4 i7-5820k GTX 750Ti Clover 2.3 r3333 OSX 10.11.3 NVidia web driver 346.03.05f01 It works *really* well. Got audio (both HDMI/DP and ALC1150), got power states, got turbo, got USB, probably have other things working I've forgotten about. But no sleep/wake. To be specific, sleep appears to work. It takes maybe 20 seconds but the real Mac right next to it takes almost as long. Power consumption drops to ~3W at that point. Wake is where it all goes wrong. System will wake via keyboard or mouse click (and I think by power button). However within a second, I hear a "click" that's generally associated with a full reset, and the system proceeds to reboot. All of this happens in the dark -- nothing bothers to turn on the display until the OS has finished loading. A very few times (and maybe none since swapping monitors from DVI to DP - unrelated to this) I've gotten some visible output before the reboot. Sample attached here. One more note; this same hardware handles sleep/wake flawlessly under Linux and Windows 10. I've done tons of searching (and found a few similar issues but none on X99) and tried numerous Clover settings and some DSDT tweaks but without any luck. It does seem like a DSDT issue but to be honest, that's just a hunch. Any suggestions of what to try next would be most appreciated. It's so close to "perfect" that I'm kind of obsessed with having sleep/wake working. Oh, if anyone else is trying to make progress with an X99 Extreme4, I'm happy to share what's worked for me. There don't seem to be a lot of folks trying to run OSX on this board. Cheers, Allen
  21. Hello everyone, It's make a long time I have this problem but I had never tried to find a solution until now. I have a as rock G41VS3-r2.0 with a E6300 and a gt610. Going to sleep is ok but, sometimes, at wake, my computer seem to wake but I have a blackscreen. It's not only a graphic problem because the system freeze ( no hdd activity, don't appear in my local network). Moreover, when I force shutdown, at boot, the progress bar is stuck at the middle. In order to fix this I need to boot Windows, and reboot under OS X, and it's ok, until the next "broken" sleep. Have you a solution ? PS : I have already edited my dsdt for multiple fix. Thank's and sorry for my english...
  22. Waking system from sleep take too much time (about 30-45 sec) Looking at the system log there are many errors please take a look at my log, help me fix some of the problems wakelog.zip
  23. After upgrading to El Capitan (since PB1), I haven't managed to get sleep and wake working properly. It will go to sleep normally, but when I wake it up (using either the keyboard/mouse or the power button), and neither the display, usb or graphics will work. Ethernet works, since I can access my iTunes library using the Remote app on iOS. Sleep/wake worked perfectly in Yosemite. I use a GA-Z77x-UP5 TH, i7 3770K, and an AMD 6850 on an OCZ SSD. Can anyone help? I'll attach my config.plist and DSDT. DSDT_CONFIG.zip
  24. SafeSleepUSB

    Version 1.1


    Auto ejects and mount's USB and USB 3 drives at sleep and wake. Similar to Jettison but doesn't mess with external SATA drives. 99% credit to: www.bernhard-baehr.de for sleepwatcher. I just wrote the Installer/Uninstaller to make it easy to use and wrote the mount/unmount scripts. Free and Open Source. GNU licence