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Looking for any help with my Dell N5050


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I am looking for anyone who has successfully installed OSx86 on a Dell N5050 Laptop or anyone with any information I can get on doing this correctly. I have installed OSx86 on my other Dells in the past without any problems. I just recently purchased this Dell laptop and all my attempts to install have not worked. I always get kernel panics at the boot of the install. I have tried Hazard OSx86 10.6.2 as well as iAtkos L2 and get kernel panic with Hazard and iAtkos doesn't even boot for me. If anyone has a OSx86 install iso that they think would work better I am open to suggestions. Also if someone has a different way for me to boot the install I already have that would be great also. Thanks in advance with your help!


I Have also looked in to the guide for this laptop on osx86project and they have a working install but it uses ###### with a retail copy of osx. I am looking for a osx86 installation iso that I can burn and use the disk to install thanks.


Heres the specs for the Dell N5050 Laptop

- CPU "Intel® Core i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz"

- Graphic Card "Intel® Processor Graphics 3000"

- Board Chipset "HM67"

- Wlan & Network Chipset "Wireless Dell Wireless 1702" Not sure on the wired one..

- Audio Card "Not sure may be a realtek built in audio.. I can figure this out after getting osx86 installed"

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install lion


if u want to install snow, must use a legacy_boot cd, u cpu only supported in 10.6.8


until there must use a legacy_kernel, same thing with graphics


good hack

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can u help me i also have a n5050 can u help me pleaseeeee 



With the same hardware?

CPU "Intel® Core™ i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz"
- Graphic Card "Intel® Processor Graphics 3000"
- Board Chipset "HM67"
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