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9800GTX+ not displaying to 1080p 52" HDTV LCD


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So I decided to take my bosses old Samsung 52" LCD HDTV off his hands for him and use it as a dual purpose monitor/TV. I am extremely happy.... in Windows. In OSX, I have a lot to complain about. It won't boot.


I removed graphicsenabler from /extra/com.apple.boot.plist and it boots, but no accelleration. If graphicsenabler is used, it boots to a blank screen. I know it all works, as I enter my login info, and the hard drive goes crazy for a few, then stops. I have sounds and all that, but no picture. If I hook up my old 22" LCD, it boots fine.


I am using an HDMI-DVI cable. (HDMI in TV, DVI to computer.) I know this cable worked for my old GT240 in my old AMD hackintosh, except I had it reversed. (HDMI in computer, DVI to monitor). I also know OSX is quite picky when its on a PC.


Any of the geniuses here have any idea? I also use this for gaming in windows, and don't want to resort to my spare GT430, as I doubt the 430 has the muscle to play Batman Arkham City at this resolution. ( 1980x1080)


Neither Lion or Snow Leopard boot.


eVGA Geforce 9800GTX+ 512MB

Q6600 3.4GHz

4GB DDR2-800 (850MHz)

Asus P5K

Lion 10.7.3

Snow Leopard 10.6.8

Windows 7 64bit

Windows 8 64bit

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I have the same problem getting my 32inch TV to boot with my 9800GTX. When I try to plug it in after boot I can still move my mouse around but everything else freezes. I have 4 displays so I just moved the TV to my GTX275 and it works fine on that card. Has anyone been able to run a TV on a 9800GTX?

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