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  1. So, I managed to completely install Bootcamp 6 by running bootcamp.msi from an elevated command prompt in windows 10. I have the keyboard from my old PowerMac G5 (that I gutted and used the case for a G5 mod) hooked up, and after installing bootcamp 6, is fully operational in windows 10. eject works, sound control works, etc. Even the neat on screen display works. It also installed the drivers for my airport/Bluetooth combo on a PCIe card. However, it feels much too heavy to type on, and I like my iHome Mac keyboard, since its basically a knock off of an Apple keyboard. That keyboard isn't recognized by the drivers. Is there a way to edit the drivers to make them think its a genuine apple keyboard, or am I going to have to bite the bullet and buy an apple keyboard? I wouldn't think so...considering, we've all got OS X running on our PC's, so why not a keyboard. anyone have any luck in this regard?
  2. So i followed the tutorial for this, but my wires are different. on the G5 plug, there is brown, blue, and green/yellow wires. i know those. however, on the black power cable i cut, there are black, white, and green. i wired green to ground, brown to black, blue to white. did i wire that up correctly? i went by a wiring site. thanks!
  3. Yosemite seems more sluggish than it should

    so i used super duper to put my yosemite install on my SSD and reinstalled clover and transferred the EFI partition, and installed TRIM enabler, and MY GOD what a difference. there still is some UI animation lag, but cinebench scores at 49fps. still can't install the nvidia web drivers, for some reason. but it boots in under 15 seconds, compared to almost 2 minutes on the 5400rpm macbook drive. Keeping the macbook drive installed but disconnected, in case something happens and I'm unable to boot to this install. doesn't truly go to sleep, but I don't let my computers hibernate anyway. does all this sound pretty normal for a hack, or do I have a small hiccup somewhere, from the sounds of it? chip is the i3 3.3GHz 2120 cinebench CPU scores at 262cb
  4. Yosemite seems more sluggish than it should

    HDD. i have it installed on my MacBooks old hard drive so i can make sure it runs fine before i wipe my windows 7 install from my SSD and replace it with the cloned copy of Yosemite. I'm meaning the entire UI, when i open my applications folder on the dock, the icons seem to go frame by frame. the animations are a bit laggy. safari is either quick or dead slow. i get the beach ball a bit more than i feel i should. though like i said, Doom 3 runs at max settings at 1080P with barely a hiccup, turn down shadows one notch and its butter. youtube works perfectly. I've tried installing the nVidia web drivers, said not compatible with this version of OS X. So I changed my system definition to a mac pro 5,1, and same thing. so i set it back as an iMac 12,1
  5. So everything is up and working beautifully... high cinebench openGL scores, iMessage, iCloud, continuity, etc, all work wonderfully. it just seems....laggy. more laggy than it should be, with the hardware I'm running. My 2008 Macbook Pro with 4GB of ddr2 seems to run ALMOST the same...but this is just a TAD faster. I would think that there would be a HUGE difference, never mind the overabundance of ram, just the newer and faster arch. here are the specs intel core i3 3.3GHz 16GB DDR3 1600MHz Geforce GTX 560Ti 1GB Asus P8Z68-V LE motherboard with latest UEFI Bios Yosemite 10.10.3 booted with Clover UEFI (true UEFI, not the legacy version)
  6. iMessage won't receive/send iMessages but receives/sends regular texts

    well, logged into my guest account and tried it. worked perfectly. deleted the iMessage cache and .plists, rebooted, and still wasn't working right. so i made a new user account and deleted the old one. works fine now. guessing the 10.10.3 update messed something up, or the chameleon/clover transition messed something up. so if anyone reads this that is having iMessage problems, try logging into your guest account and see if it works.
  7. iMessage won't receive/send iMessages but receives/sends regular texts

    so I got the rom and MLB the same as in Mavericks, rebooted a couple times to make sure the values stayed the same...and no dice. didn't break iMessage, but it didn't fix it either. still sends SMS only. will not send iMessages.
  8. iMessage won't receive/send iMessages but receives/sends regular texts

    so I attached my iMessagedebug i took from my mavericks install. and I cannot figure out how to transfer the information into clover. getting lost finding the MLB and the proper rom format **********************iMessage Debug********************** Credits: ElNono, mdmwii,flux84, sugarface, pokenguyen Model: MacPro3,1 Board-id: Mac-F42C88C8 SerialNumber: QT8212N5XYK Hardware UUID: B066DC0C-BE72-5E13-A3B9-CD9598CD0906 System-ID: 805C9419-CB5B-D911-B72E-F46D0461A413 ROM: ece9a50ef30b BoardSerialNumber: QT8212N5XYKSC5V1 Gq3489ugfi: 0b429c68cfc67f4508cba30244bf72cf99 Fyp98tpgj: 8f6d3354f2ac11f0cb07694d10df670386 kbjfrfpoJU: 1e5c43c67328bfa260416f5e1598456fef oycqAZloTNDm: 1f390edde27b274149701b46d8929228ff abKPld1EcMni: 7a51b288bf73d27871f1f61326ec269cda 7OmlDvML base 64
  9. iMessage won't receive/send iMessages but receives/sends regular texts

    I'm confused....
  10. So I have quite the odd error. I have Yosemite up and running on Clover. Everything is running beautifully. well, it boots a bit slow, even though its booting UEFI, but thats another problem for another day. Today, this is about iMessage. It will send and receive regular TEXT messages, but NOT iMessages. I sent a test message to my mom, who has an iPhone also, and it forced it to a text. Which is better than what it was doing last night,...... which was sending texts, but not receiving responses. Messed with clover a bit, with the RTVariables, and seem to have fixed something. I have a working iMessages in my Mavericks install, with NVRAM, and I attempted to input that information, but obviously its not flying. No idea what I'm doing wrong.... maybe I'm reading the iMessage debug wrong...
  11. Dell XPS 420 desktop black screen before install

    *slaps head* of course. ill try it. hopefully it finds the hard drives.... really don't want to install to my other usb external HD, boot, then get the correct kext then clone the drive..... okay, so it booted, and crashed. i hooked up my external HDD and saved the error log to it. heres what it reported... its attached. at least i currently have video.... so one step ahead... Installer Log 4-Apr-2014.txt
  12. So I'm trying to install mavericks on my studio Dell XPS 420 desktop with a q8400 processor and Geforce 9600GSO 512MB. I just get a black screen after everything loads. I used my hack to create an installer USB. It ran snow leopard until the hard drive crashed, now I'd like to run Mavericks. I have it narrowed to graphics, because with the Geforce 7900GS I have laying around, it will boot, but there will be no acceleration. I DO have a dsdt in /extra on the USB drive. I will comment and say this computer has always fought me tooth and nail with OSX, but once its installed, it screams. This time, I can't figure it out, and I'm reaching out to the experts for advice. My personal computer at home is a q6600 with an asus p5k mobo, and the install went VERY smoothly.
  13. 9800GTX+ not displaying to 1080p 52" HDTV LCD

    So I decided to take my bosses old Samsung 52" LCD HDTV off his hands for him and use it as a dual purpose monitor/TV. I am extremely happy.... in Windows. In OSX, I have a lot to complain about. It won't boot. I removed graphicsenabler from /extra/com.apple.boot.plist and it boots, but no accelleration. If graphicsenabler is used, it boots to a blank screen. I know it all works, as I enter my login info, and the hard drive goes crazy for a few, then stops. I have sounds and all that, but no picture. If I hook up my old 22" LCD, it boots fine. I am using an HDMI-DVI cable. (HDMI in TV, DVI to computer.) I know this cable worked for my old GT240 in my old AMD hackintosh, except I had it reversed. (HDMI in computer, DVI to monitor). I also know OSX is quite picky when its on a PC. Any of the geniuses here have any idea? I also use this for gaming in windows, and don't want to resort to my spare GT430, as I doubt the 430 has the muscle to play Batman Arkham City at this resolution. ( 1980x1080) Neither Lion or Snow Leopard boot. eVGA Geforce 9800GTX+ 512MB Q6600 3.4GHz 4GB DDR2-800 (850MHz) Asus P5K Lion 10.7.3 Snow Leopard 10.6.8 Windows 7 64bit Windows 8 64bit
  14. Weird finder crash 10.6.8 AMD Athlon 64 x2 4800+

    Okay, narrowed it down somewhat... It's a kext. It's now doing it in 10.6.7. Didn't do it until I installed eviliopcifamily.
  15. Weird finder crash 10.6.8 AMD Athlon 64 x2 4800+

    Only reason is kind of a dumb one. I like being current... Lol. And the new safari requires 10.6.8, doesn't it? If not, I'd be more n happy at 10.6.6