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  1. The other day I installed 10.7.2 from USB installed the kexts for my network and audio that I found from this site for my p5q deluxe and everything worked perfect. Then yesterday I went to boot the machine and it hung at the apple logo. Not having a backup I re-installed and followed the same steps I did the day before. However now whenever I install the IONetworkingFamily.kext the machine freezes and the boot freezes. I tried to restore the kext with a backup of the original but it still wont boot. I have tried about 10 different kexts all doing the same thing. Anyone know what might be wrong? BTW I have the modified 3201 bios. Thanks
  2. 9800GTX+ not displaying to 1080p 52" HDTV LCD

    I have the same problem getting my 32inch TV to boot with my 9800GTX. When I try to plug it in after boot I can still move my mouse around but everything else freezes. I have 4 displays so I just moved the TV to my GTX275 and it works fine on that card. Has anyone been able to run a TV on a 9800GTX?
  3. Trouble adding osx to GRUB

    Ok so i changed my drive over to the secondary port and i can now boot it....
  4. small problem...

    I had a problem with after installing it would load a white screen and freeze... What solved it was when i installed 10.4.8 i only installed the core system and the stuff for my cpu... nothing else.. You may want to try this
  5. Trouble adding osx to GRUB

    If i would put my IDE drive on the secondary port do you think this would solve the problem as then it should be (hd1,0) ??? I am on campus right now but when i get back tonight i will check this out..
  6. Trouble adding osx to GRUB

    Does anyone have any idea how to do this.. I know it isnt a big deal but i would like to not have to go into the bios everytime i want to load osx... Thanks
  7. Ok so right now i have two hard drives that have OS's on them I have a 120GB SATA drive that has Vista, Ubuntu Edgy, and Fedora Core 6. and a second 40GB ATA drive that has osx on it. Now i am using grub as my bootloader that was installed from FC. This drive is (sdb,X) however in order for grub to load my OS's i need to have them as (hd0, X). So my question is how do i add OSX to grub as the path for it is (hd0, 0). However, in grub it sees (hd0, 0) as my Vista partion which is actually (sdb, 0). Thanks in advance Ground Zero