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Asus X73SD-TY086V


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Hey everyone,


I have been trying to install Mac on my laptop without succes. I am a complete noob at this part so i'm pretty sure i need help.

Let's start with my specifications:

Intel core I7 2670QM

4 GB of ram DDR3-1333

500GB HDD. The goal is to install mac on a different partition.

Nvidia GeForce GT 610M


I have been trying to install snow leopard for a while, trying different startup options, but it would instantly reboot.

I tried both the official DVD and a snowleo iso, but they wouldn't work. Do i need a different version? I wouldn't mind buying a Lion dvd if you think that that would work.


I hope that i can get some basic help with installing mac os on a different partition, since i want both windows 7 and mac to be availible.


I'm willing to try everything, and i got plenty of DVD's in case i need to burn stuff like NawComs ModCD (which didn't help either)


Just to clear things up, i was able to install mac os without any errors, but it would never boot.


Thanks in advance, Marco


P.s. I'm from the Netherlands so excuse my english.

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I did a clean install of Mac, without windows installed using snowleo, i was able to install and boot into mac snow leopard, but at the end of installing ###### or the combo update, it displays some code/errors on the screen and hangs. Also, after installing the combo update and rebooting after the crash, i can't acces mac anymore since it hangs on Pci configuration begin.

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