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Found 270 results

  1. I used this command: diskutil info disk0s2 | grep -i "Partition UUID" | rev | cut -d' ' -f 1 | revBut I accidentally removed the wrong disk and now my main windows drive is not appearing in the bootloader. I can't figure out how to get it back. I tried resetting my windows drive, but I kept getting an error. I also reset my mac and reinstalled Catalina.
  2. Well decided after all this time to build a Discord for Hackintoshers if you join be willing to help and if helped willing to learn https://discord.gg/yA2jd3J
  3. Hi Hackintoshers, I'm trying to get an OpenCore Catalina 10.15.2 Hack working, I've read through the Opencore manual and read the vanilla guide for Haswell. Ive hit a roadblock. I can choose to boot the MacOS Catalina install. However, I get stuck on the boot screen (Just an apple logo with back wallpaper). Ive attached my log, config plist and EFI folder . Can someone let me know whats wrong? My hardware is i7 4790k Vega 56 24gb ddr3 Ram 1TB SSD sata ASRock Z87M Extreme4 Following in Drivers ApfsDriverLoader AppleUsbKbDxe FwRuntimeServices HFSPlus NvmExpress DxeXhciDxe Following in Kext AppleALC.kext Lilu.kext USBInjectAll.kext VirtualSMC.kext WhateverGreen.kext Following in ACPI DSDT.aml SSDT-EC.aml SSDT-EC.dsl used SSDT time to generate these This is what I get with Verbose opencore-2020-01-30-182530.txt config.plist EFI.zip
  4. Prepodobny

    AMD FX6300 Doesn't shutdown

    Hello I will be glad of any help The problem is that my hackinto does a reboot instead of shutting down Here are the specifications of my computer: motherboard: Gigabyte 970A-DS3P Processor: AMD FX-6300 (Vishera) Memory: 8gb DDR3 Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 TI Network: Realtek PCIe GbE family controller Sound: Realtek High Definition Audio My config: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing
  5. _ivan_palmisano_

    Patch DSDT per Hdmi

    Ho provato tutti i modi ma sono arrivato alla conclusione che ha bisogno di una patch DSDT. Ciao, ho recentemente un hackintosh nel mio laptop e devo risolvere l'attacco video HDMI che non ha eseguito quando collego il mio laptop alla TV. le foto con queste informazioni sono state fatte con un programma quando che avrei vinto 10 nell'altra foto l'informazione di hackintosh. Acer Aspire 5741g Modello High Sierra System! Caratteristiche: CPU: Intel Core I3 350M 2.27Ghz Arrandale 32nm Tecnologia Ram: 6: 00GB Grafica: Monitor Pnp generico (1366x768 Ghz) 1024mb Nvidia GeForce GT 320M (Acer Incorporated) Archiviazione: 465 GB Sata Driver Optiocal: Optiarc DVD RW- AS-7585H Audio: dispositivo audio ad alta degradazione Qualcuno può aiutarmi!?! E 'la terza volta che faccio questo post in questo gruppo visto che sono nuovo nel mondo hackintosh preferisco se qualcuno è capace a risolvere il mio problema che lo faccia in remoto così non faccio sbagli.
  6. Hey guys, I'm trying to install my second Hackintosh system now for like 2 days (first one was Z370, super easy, super stable) with Vanilla Install, but I just can't get the X299 system working. I followed the Vanilla Hackintosh Guide strictly and just changed the SMBIOS to iMacPro1,1 in the config.plist. After selecting the macOS Installer drive on Clover boot menu I never get to the installation process of Catalina... most of the time I get the progress bar to load up until 100% but it never goes further. Going into verbose mode I got that message at last: IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0 error. I tried also using the same EFI with a Mojave installer which let me actually install it but the installation process was super slow and laggy - I had to cancel it. It's now my third day trying to get this done and I'm really feeling frustrated about it as I've been doing nothing else than trying out various solutions I could google. My kexts: AppleALC Lilu WhateverGreen USBInjectAll XHCI-Unsupported IntelMausiEthernet VirtualSMC My system: CPU: Intel Core i9-10900X Motherboard: ASUS X299 Prime Deluxe II CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X62 RAM: 32GB DDR4-3600 CL16 G.Skill Trident Z Royal GPU: Sapphire RX5700 XT Nitro+ SE PSU: Corsair HX750i SSD: 2x 500GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus (both firmwares updated!) I really hope someone can help me out!
  7. Hi people, I'm having some issues getting my hackintosh to work 100%. It's at 99%, and the only problem that I have is with shutdown/restart. Whenever I try to shutdown or restart my computer, it will go to the spinner screen, and in the case of a shutdown, the spinner will just be stuck and the computer will not shutdown, while in the case of a restart the spinner will be just a sad line of 2 or 4 white pixels in the bottom half of the screen, with the computer also failing to do anything else, forcing me to either shut down the PSU using it's on/off switch or by pressing the case's restart button. I may also add that I, before buying a RX 570, had a working setup with the UHD 630, it would shutdown/restart without a problem (if the primary video output port in the bios was set to PCI01). I have also made an USB SSDT patch for the 15-port limit, but that has not helped. Anyways, here's my setup: MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G84) SMBIOS iMac19,2 (if that matters) i3-8100 UHD 630 (Device ID 0x3E98, enabled in bios) Gigabyte RX 570 Gigabyte B360M-D3H No extra PCI cards Also, my config.plist, my USB SSDT patch, and a screenshot of my kexts and drivers folders are attached. config.plist SSDT_USB.aml
  8. Do you want some help from an online community? Building Hacks has always been community based venture, where personal gain comes from working with others. Let’s ask one very simple but the serious and important question first! Why anyone should help you at all? Really? What’s so special about you? What people gain from helping you except the waste of their valuable lifetime? Time is the most precious resource! There is no way to turn back wasted time! Problems are a normal part of of life. Mostly problems are some obstacles we need to overcome. But another hand, if you do not learn how to deal with your own problems, life will be a difficult path for you. Why other's should make their life difficult because of you? Before you ask any help, learn how to ask for help. And I can bet that most people don't do it! They will waste their own and others precious lifetime again and again! I have decided that I will help only people who deserve it! Who are they? Those who: are attempted to help themselves first; are providing valuable information about their case and don't force others to guess; have the will to learn how to solve issues by self and do not gamble by trying whatever jumps in mind or do blindly what some ignorant dumb suggests; are really helping others; highly value the time of others. People who are not willing to learn and don't pay attention to details never deserve any help as there is no way to help them. Guidelines for asking help for Hackintosh related issues. For first I have to make another disclaimer! If you don't want to learn about computing, do not waste your's and other's time and money on building Hack by self, instead just buy a genuine Mac and contact Apple's support whenever you need some help; or second option, find some IT pro who can build the Hack for you and pay very well for his help. If you decided otherwise, then: Take time to read the Community Rules. Admit that if some person pays attention to you, it's actually personal support case like Apple Care etc! Respect them! Admit that your knowledge is lacking and you have to learn about what you are trying to do. RTFM. RTFM is an initialism for the expression "read the fu**ing manual". How would you solve the problem without the computer, just with a pencil and paper? Learn to debug, which is just a scientific way of narrowing down the reasons. Research first, do not post first! On 99% of cases someone already had the same or very similar issue. Learn how to leave others out of guesswork - collect diagnostics data which can help others on solving your case. Do not post any help requests without diagnostics data and details about your system. One specific problem at a time! Learn to set strict boundaries rather than trying to solve everything within one request. Useful tools Hackintool * - An extremely useful GUI to handle several Hack issues but not intent to be an automated patching tool that does all the work for you. Ubuntu Live USB * - There are plenty of tasks, which you cannot complete on Hack and you need to boot you comp into Linux. * - must have Useful quotes You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. (An old proverb) .. you do not have obligation to help... @C.Frio You are welcome to post your recommendations how to ask help.
  9. stanleyhalim

    Acer Aspire M3970 need help

    I'm done with Catalina beta with virtual machine and run very laggy. i tried to install in my second HDD but have no luck. anyone can advice me which OS suitable for me, which kext i need and how to setup my bios setting. Please.
  10. can i make hackintosh Intel Core i5 8265U 8GB RAM DDR4 1TB HDD GeForce MX 230 Graphics Processor I already know that the Graphics Processor doesn't work, so i'll need to disable it If anyone has the same machine or can help me
  11. Hi everyone I have an Dell XPS 9379 with I7 8550u,16gb of ram and an 256gb wd green m.2 ssd.(1080p version) But my trackpad gestures don't work on macOS mojave. I used this lad his clover: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/337523-guide-dell-xps-13-9370-mini-guide-for-mojave/ . It already has the voodoo kexts. I don't know what to do..
  12. Hi I followed this guide https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/337523-guide-dell-xps-13-9370-mini-guide-for-mojave/ and got macos up and running on my xps but now the only way i have internet is through making a hotspot via Bluetooth on my iphone and connecting to it from my xps. My ethernet is not working and I dont know why. My specs: 16gb ram i7 8550 dell xps 13 inch 9370 wd green 250gb m.2 ssd
  13. Hi Guys, I've been at this for a few days now, and I haven't been able to get any further. This is my 4th Hackintosh build, and I've literally never been so stuck. I'm pretty sure it's related to my motherboard... Here's my hardware: HUANANZHI X79-8D Dual XEON E5-2680v2 CPUs 128 GB of DDR3 Ram Radeon R580 (reusing from my previous Hackintosh, I know it's 100% compatible) Here's what I've done so far: Created the clover USB with EUFI Disabled VTd & serial ports in BIOS if I boot with these arguments, here my error: -v Keep Symbols Don't reboot at panic Here's a link to my EFI files
  14. clockT

    aiuto con opencore e catalina

    sono un pò arrugginito ..e volevo chiedere un aiuto su come installare opencore anzichè clover. ho provato ma dopo il post installazione riesco solo a far partire catalina tramite pendrive. quale congifurazione sbaglio? EFI.zip
  15. I am unable to boot into Catalina (HS boots just fine.) I was able to boot into it to install it, but after that, I have had no luck. Here’s my last line before the hang up: IO80211VirtualInterface::init _controller is 0xc4de..., pro I am using an i5-8600k, with a ROG STRIX Z-370e motherboard. I have been trying to figure out my iGPU, and I finally got past it, only to get this error about 20 lines down. Here’s my EFI folder if it helps.
  16. Hi guys, I need help with my Sapphire RX580 8GB. It works and I have it connected to a BenQ EW3270U (4k monitor through DP), but I noticed that the quality of my video is not exactly great; I just don't feel like it's up to spec with some fuzziness and everything just isn't as sharp as I expect it to be. It's hard to explain exactly what I see, but especially when there's transparency in windows for instance, I see what I would compare to colour compression artifacting in the gradients of the images showing through the transparency effects. It looks like a video with fading on Youtube but the compression makes it look like waves of pixels as opposed to a real gradient, if that makes any sense? It's impossible to film or photograph properly, and - the part that gets me - if I do a screenshot, it's not visible! I must have been super tired when I posted... it's visible on screen shots after all (see attached). It screams graphic acceleration issues to me but I really am at a loss on how to diagnose this issue further. It's not unusable or anything, but I want to get it to work properly and get as much as I can out of it all. As a comparative I did plug in a Retina MBP to the monitor to make sure it wasn't the issue and as expected, I did not see any of this with the MBP. I have Lilu and WEG in my 10.14 kext folder, and my (shameful) config is attached, but I more than likely am missing something important... All this explained, I want to point out a few things: this is an old machine (built 2012) and I had the same config throughout with exactly 0 issues. This is one reason why I not only never had to optimize it, but I now also pretty much fell off the Hackintosh bandwagon: I am not exactly well versed in all the technical backend of this community as I was until now lucky with a plug and play machine with no issues. I will need a lot of help to get back up to date... that said I also had incomprehensible and undiagnosed issues getting the RX580 to work on this machine. Even if it was effortless for everyone else, I had to do a LOT of troubleshooting and in the end, I have no clue how I got it to work! So I'm mortified of changing anything on it without getting some advice first since everything, iCloud and iMessage included, works. I'll be happy to fill in any info and I'm hungry to learn. It's just a bit daunting to start over and my searches have discouraged me a but. I know beggars can't be choosers but I have a 60-hour a week job and I just need a bit of guidance if anyone wants to help me off my training wheels I fully know I'm in a bad spot and quite frankly I'm ashamed of it. Help me make it better please. config.plist
  17. Hi, I want to install MacOS Catalina on my laptop. I was installed MacOS Mojave previously but i had a lot of problem, for example my wifi's card (Dell DW1820A) had a problem: My pc sometimes doesn't boot up or pc after some minutes crashed or slowed. Now i want to try again to install macOS. this is my spec: HP 15-AY034NL CPU: i7 6500U with HD520 SSD: 500GB SSD Samsung Wifi & Bluetooth: Dell DW1820A (Bluetooth: BCM2045A0) (Wifi: BCM94350ZAE) USB 3.0 Ethernet: Realtek 8100 Attached in this thread, my old clover configuration created by me (CLOVER OLD) and clover with Wifi driver (CLOVER) created by Hervè (I had asked help at insanelymac's community) P.S SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH. Thanks in advance -ANTONIO CLOVER OLD.zip CLOVER.zip
  18. Hi, i can someone help me with installing mac OS Mojave on my HP ENVY - 15-as102na?I have an imac to use for setting up my usb & installing MacOS Mojave.There are various kext files etc that i'm not sure about and need some help as some are hardware specific.I tried previously but got stuck on an apple logo and couldn't get past that, and tried today and had problems with Clover. Once i get mac os on my 128gb m.2 ssd ( which i'll upgrade to either a 256gb or 512gb depending on how well this hackintosh works) I have a free 2.5" inch hdd bay where i'd like to install windows on in the future. I think i may have to replace my wireless card ( based on a few google results) which i'm fine with as long as i can see it working without just so i know i won't waste moneySpecs:Cpu: i5 7200uGPU: HD 6208GB ramWifi card- Intel Wireless 7265 ( Intel® 802.11ac (2x2) )Motherboard - HP 81D2 & BIOS version is f.56 https://support.hp.com/gb-en/document/c05311862 Thanks
  19. guitar201

    Trouble with igpu in 10.14.2

    Hackintosh post Hi Everyone. I really need some help. My GPU just went out so, I'm replacing my Vega 64 with a 5700 XT and was planning on using my iGPU until the when/if the 5700XT is supported in a mackintosh. I've currently got a GB Z390 M Gaming with an 8700K. 16GB Ram. Running Mojave 10.14.2. Right now everything is working perfectly (except I have to pull my Vega 64 to get the water block looked at - the pump was making weird noises this morning, but is still working at the moment as I use this sparingly). The hack boots. [Intel GPU shows up in system report](https://imgur.com/a/rwhDbSM) but the problem I'm facing is there is no output to it. Does anyone know what I've got going wrong here? I appreciate any help and will make a donation to a charity to celebrate when I get this figured out. I've been working on this on and off all dang day. [I've got my Bios set correctly per multiple posts on reddit/hackintosher/tonyosx.](https://imgur.com/a/IX9kKVK) [EFI Folder](https://pastebin.com/XDMAJ77c) [Config.plist](https://pastebin.com/31QbSPQ3)
  20. Hello InsanelyMac forumers, Im CrackerzWave here. Recently I just bought a laptop which is Lenovo Ideapad Y400 , below is the spec Windows 8.1 Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM (2.4GHz up to 3.4GHz, 6MB L3 Cache) RAM:4 (1x4096) 500G HDD Nvidia GT750M 2GB DDR5 14" HD WLED Webcam:HD DVD-SM:Yes Bluetoooth 4.0 VGA:Yes LAN:Yes HDMI:Yes Speakers:SRS + JBL Card-reader:Yes USB:2 x 2.0; 1x 3.0 Battery: 6 Cells Wifi card is Atheros AR9485 Many people said Hackintosh is hard to install at notebook because of Optimus. Althought this laptop have Intel and nvida gpu but it doesnt support optimus. 100% running Nvidia GPU GT750M How to dual boot Mavericks with Windows 8.1 GPT UEFI? I already have mavericks dmg and make the usb with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] (does [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] ok) How to make dual boot? How many partitions? Recommended Capasity? Thx
  21. Hello all,I have a working hackintosh....ok.....but it takes a lot to boot and according to the boot.log there are a few problems.One of them is a black screen that stays on for a long time.I would like to ask anyone in this community some help to fine tune my machine.Boot.log and config.plist attachedAny help would be appreciated. bootlog.txt config.plist
  22. I'm having so much problem following guide and forums making impossible for me to understand, MaciASL, Could someone disable my Nvidia card by editing my files. origin.zip
  23. I'm having so much problem following guide and forums making impossible for me to understand, MaciASL, Could someone disable my Nvidia card by editing my files. origin.zip
  24. can i make a hackintosh with this build?? amd phenom tm ii x4 965 gigabyte ga 78lmt s2 memory 4gb ddr3 ati radeon 3000 graphics
  25. Salve , è una settimana che provo ad installare una distro di MAC OSX sul mio pc ma senza alcun esito, vi elenco le svariate prove che ho fatto dato che prima di aprire questo topic ho letto molte guide e tanti altri topic. questo è il mio pc MotherBoard : Sapphire PI-AM3RS760G2 Processor : AMD phenom II x4 965 Black edition Ram : 8GB DDR3 Video Card: ASUS EAH5450 series 1gb HDD Seagate 500 gb HDD Barracuda 500gb premetto di aver impostato in AHCI nel bios. questi sono i flag con cui ho provato cpus=4 busratio=20 -x busratio=20 -v vodoo busratio=20 noapci ho provato anche con il Nawcom Boot cd , con la retai di snow leopard, iDeneb 1.6 , Leo4all, Iaktos s3 v2 e iAktos l2, ma nessuno va , vi prego aiutatemi non so più che fare. mi esce scritto APPLE USBOHCI checksleepcapability. Aiutatemi gRAzie in anticipo.