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Mic input and speaker output conflict


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Hey IM members :)


I've recently finished installing and getting my OSX Lion 10.7.2 running on all 4 :P ...except something's wrong with the audio system.


Am using AppleHDA and VoodooHDA 2.7.3 on ALC888, and it seems there's a bit of conflict from the input and output channels as i can hear the mic when i tap on it *isn't suppose to* ...i tried editing the plist with the following:




that did absolutely nothing on my end, as turning the iGain will also turn my volume down. Currently am using an AppleHDA kext optimized for ALC888...i don't hear the mic clicks, but my entire audio volume is now close to nothing! all i hear are whispers -_-;


Please guys, if there's any idea on how to solve this, then please share it :) it's the only thing stopping me from having the perfect Lion Hackint0sh :D


Thanks a lot.

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