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EDIT: Sorry my camera sucks


Alright just so there is more than 1 up for the month.


So here is the low down on the system, I tried doing a budget build for a gaming system and never thought I would be running mac on it or specs might be different.


AMD FX-4100 BE Oc'd to 4.2 GHZ

Biostar TA990FXE MB with 990 NB and 950 SB.

8BG Corsair Vengenace DDR3 1333MHZ (supposed to be 1600 MHZ but Windoze likes to glitch when I run it that fast)

ASUS ATI Radeon HD 6770

650W PSU


1.5TB WD Caviar black 6GB/S (windows 7, Ubuntu 11.10, and Data)

250GB Seagate 6GB/S (windows 8, just for {censored} and giggles)

200GB Samsung 3Gb/s (OS X 10.6.4, non working OS X 10.6.8)

Cheapass DVD Burner

BiFentix 140mm Red Led fan x 5

BiFentix 120mm Red Led fax x 2

uh I don't think I'm leaving anything out, maybe....


Here are some pics of the Evil Hackintosh:


post-966952-0-21645300-1332698409_thumb.jpg post-966952-0-13209300-1332698441_thumb.jpg post-966952-0-39714400-1332698465_thumb.jpg post-966952-0-06193600-1332698509_thumb.jpg


post-966952-0-49831800-1332698539_thumb.jpg post-966952-0-25981400-1332698588_thumb.jpg post-966952-0-35418700-1332698628_thumb.jpg post-966952-0-38691400-1332698777_thumb.jpg


post-966952-0-35555800-1332698917_thumb.jpg post-966952-0-05620800-1332698659_thumb.jpg post-966952-0-16310300-1332698688_thumb.jpg post-966952-0-09322000-1332698717_thumb.jpg post-966952-0-57187100-1332699195_thumb.jpg


post-966952-0-26539400-1332698882_thumb.jpg post-966952-0-20791400-1332698957_thumb.jpg post-966952-0-17471300-1332698994_thumb.jpg post-966952-0-67954000-1332699021_thumb.jpg post-966952-0-31906200-1332699297_thumb.jpg


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Heat-pipe cooling.


Let Biostar know they can add OSX to the OS support now. :thumbsup_anim:

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Alright well I guess I should update this:


Finally got os x booting off the HDD and updated to 10.6.8


Now I'm gonna try going to lion and see if it works....


I'll keep you posted, and I'll try to get new pics soon with the evil apple sticker that PunkNugget hooked it up with. Thanks again Punk.

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Not only an AMD, but Biostar as well... good use of the budget components to make a nice hackintosh!

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