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  1. Hey Guys, it's been a while since I've been here. I haven't even turned on my OSX in over six months. So I have a problem maybe the gurus can help. No luck with the good old search. I moved a couple months ago, before I moved I had my hack plugged into ethernet for the internet, well after I moved I couldn't plug in and had to go wireless. So I bought a Linksys AE2500 Dual Band. Thing works pretty good, only downside is I jumped onto my OSX partition and realized that I had to internet. So I switched back over to Win 7 and searched for a Kext. Seems like a couple people have looked but no resolution to not having a kext. Any ideas on a work-around or somebody wanna take a stab at building a kext. Mongo
  2. Will not boot after install AMD 10.6 retail

    i think it was the iopci kext that I changed. Goggle it and you can find the kexts from the early 10.6.3/4 if you don't have a second partition.
  3. DSDT Question

    that explains alot. Thank you
  4. DSDT Question

    Ok so I've been doing some research but still can't find out the answer i'm looking for. If no dsdt was needed to install and run SL up to 10.6.8 would making a dsdt for my hack improve anything? Simple question I think but if I didn't need one, what is the point of it and would it improve things like speed?
  5. Will not boot after install AMD 10.6 retail

    well the update was a PITA. I had the 2 installs so I updated 1 of them with the software update. DID NOT INSTALL LEGACY KERNEL.PKG. Leave it alone. had to fix the PCI configuration error and use the iousbfamily and massstorage.kext from 10.6.4 (my good install, or search the net for ones) and the update worked, I just did a google search of my video card with osx and it came up with flashing it is the only successful way to get qe/ci on my graphics card, just google "radeon 6850 qe/ci osx" see what you can find.
  6. Will not boot after install AMD 10.6 retail

    I'm not sure what you mean, I don't think the kernel has anything to do with the dual booting, you just gotta make sure you set it up so booting off the HDD doesn't try to load legacy kernel or mach kernel, you have to change the string to modbin kernel and move the modbin off the cd to the hdd (that's what I had to do just to get mac to boot off the HDD)
  7. Will not boot after install AMD 10.6 retail

    google your video card. I had to flash my gpu to a 5770 so I could get the qe/ci working. and with the modbin kernel you can update to 10.6.8 just you only have 32 bit support. And what seemed to be the safest way, but it took a little longer, was making 2 partitions for mac and have a working copy on each, that way you can experiment with one and still have a working copy if you need to fix permissions, change kexts, etc. and when you get one working instead of setting the other up again just use a program like super duper to copy it.
  8. Will not boot after install AMD 10.6 retail

    well what works and what doesn't?
  9. PunkNugget's Mod - THE HACKINBEAST !

    what do you mean he ALMOST could play crysis? I play it on ultimate with very minor skipping and I only have a $120 graphics card. He should be able to play it no problem.
  10. Maybe some help

    already have it, maybe I need to refresh it since I have mac booting from HDD
  11. Maybe some help

    no, here is how I got it. Hd 0,2 SL 10.6.8 stable HD 0,3 SL 10.7.2 experimental. We trying. Hd 1,2 Windows 7 Hd 1,3 Data Drive Hd 1,4-6 Linux (cause it has 3 partitions) HD 2,2 Windows 8 If I have the HD 0 which is my samsung set to boot I can run sl but when I try to boot windows it says I need to put in the windows install disc, so I try and it says it is not compatiable with this version. If I put HD 1 as my boot, I can boot windows 7, 8 and linux, just not osx.
  12. Maybe some help

    Alright so time to update you guys. First off I got the DVD to work by turning off combined ide mode in bios. Easy fix. Updated to 10.6.8 with the modbin_kernel. Yes it does work past 10.6.4 Flashed my Asus 6770 Radeon to a 5770 and got qe/ci working, at least i have the translucent bar and front page and video doesn't crash now. Still only shows a ati 5000 for the card but oh well I'll do more research. And I can boot off the HDD's just for some reason I have to switch what HDD boots in my bios cause the Mac HDD can't load win 7 and the disc can't fix it. and i can't load osx from the windows part.
  13. Mongo's EvilHack

    Alright well I guess I should update this: Finally got os x booting off the HDD and updated to 10.6.8 Now I'm gonna try going to lion and see if it works.... I'll keep you posted, and I'll try to get new pics soon with the evil apple sticker that PunkNugget hooked it up with. Thanks again Punk.
  14. Will not boot after install AMD 10.6 retail

    yes it just *ATA* if you copy those codes and replace snow and mac with the names of your install disc and hdd it will copy the *ATA* from the install dvd/usb to your HDD and then make it runnable. PS. It is case sensitive. if you are getting file not found, check for capitals. I really notice this when I have to copy anything from the Desktop or Downloads. Will not find file if I do not have the capital letter in there. and the *ATA* is exactly like that with both **
  15. Will not boot after install AMD 10.6 retail

    it copies all the chipsets over i think