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    Mac; PPC, iNtel… Messing OSes up beyond all recognition. I am into Quarks, singularities –– most anything that doesn't require actual physical proof of its existence.
  1. Have you disabled the onboard GMA 950 graphics from your BIOS options?
  2. Pentium D 9x0 Dual Core or Pentium D 8xx Dual Core?
  3. ZØØT

    KmisterK's Recycler

    Five bucks on the PSU? Sweet! I guess I'll put up my Dell Dimension case job without fear now. You topped me in the "top of the heap" department. Good job.
  4. ZØØT

    Software Piracy

    Sharing is not stealing. If a person has a party at their house on the weekend and plays a thousand songs and then a thousand people show up to listen to those songs -- is the host of the party held liable for allowing those people to hear those songs -- are the listeners each charged with theft? Once the party goers leave and hum those tunes -- are they charged with reverse engineering of an IP? The World Wide Web, is, after all, like a big gathering of individuals with numerous hosts. As an electrician I install switches. If a person were to come along and take the switches out and then reinstall them what, exactly, has been stolen? How have I, as an electrician, been affected by that individuals actions? That is a simple analogy of a virtual world, I know, but I don't get paid anymore for those switches regardless of how long they stay in service or whether or not some insane person constantly takes them out only to replace them. Do software coders get paid royalties? Software on the web is 'virtual' it can't be stolen. As long as a server is up, a copy of that software will remain, no mater if it is cloned a google times, it will still exist on the server. What, exactly, gets stolen? Projected, unrealized profits? That argument won't win any points for critical thinking but there it is.
  5. ZØØT

    PunkNugget's Mod - THE HACKINBEAST !

    "AYBABTU" You got my vote. Sweet! I've just been FAP'd though thanx to the pics.
  6. ZØØT

    nForce 630i Boot/Mach_Kernel files?

    AFAIK… Megaupload won't help much at this point. Google… µ
  7. ZØØT

    Cannot Boot From Hard Disk

    So that I'm not assuming anything. Is your laptop HDD SATA?
  8. ZØØT

    Restart at the boot

    Pooky? As in patched for AMD? I'll check the blog… Edit: Sorry, I wasn't following the thread right.
  9. You will need a working OSX to perform the update to 10.6.8. There are tutorials available for that. Some files need to be manually installed to make it work. Use a cloning tool such as CCC to back-up your working drive and to apply all the needed patches. I always use Nawcoms CD as it is more versatile than most others. Shared memory graphics seems to be a problem if you don't have a patched DSDT. Browse the tutorial section here they may have something you can use.
  10. Try using  instead of ######.
  11. ZØØT

    Mongo's EvilHack

    Heat-pipe cooling. Let Biostar know they can add OSX to the OS support now.
  12. ZØØT

    Quiz Correction

    The Mac keyboard can produce 60+ extended ASCII characters. Hold down option. ¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠≤ åß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬…æ Ω≈ç√∫˜µ≤≥÷ ⁄€‹›fifl‡°·‚—± Œ„´‰ˇÁ¨ˆØ∏ åÍÎÏ˝ÓÔ ¸˛ç◊ı˜Â¯˘¿
  13. ZØØT

    Will not boot after install AMD 10.6 retail

    What is your chipset? VIA, nForce, SIS, etc? Did you try using ModCD to reboot using verbose mode only? Have you reached the desk-top after installation or are you having problems booting for the first time? Put your rig specs in your sig and some of the pros here will give you some help.
  14. ZØØT

    help needed getting to 10.6.8

    What, exactly is 'everything'? If you haven't read a guide already, then, what were you trying? Where was your point of reference to draw from. Just wondering.