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  1. bigben1

    security update 2018-002 os Sierra

    downloaded .dmg file of the update, installed still KP, replace LILU and FixNvidiaGraphics kexts with latest versions in EFI/Clove/Kexts/other and 12. also in /L/E folder, rebuild and fixed permissions , booted in safe mode and installed new version of Nvidia web driver, again rebooted now everything is fine.
  2. bigben1

    security update 2018-002 os Sierra

    I tried updating but after update get a KP, also I need to install latest web driver too.
  3. my hackintosh Sierra 10.12.6 is working perfectly and I want to install the 2018-002 security update, I tried once updating from Apple Store but it broke my install, I want to try again any guidance will be much appreciated. also security update 2018-001 is not installed. mobo. ga z170x ud5 gpu. gtx 1060 6gb ram 16gb ssd Samsung evo macOS 10.12.6 (16G29)
  4. disable on board graphics from bios, and see if it works.
  5. bigben1

    Can't boot HS after successful install

    use 14,2 Smbios in config.plist.add fake cpu id and try.disable onboard graphics.
  6. bigben1

    Can't Install 10.13 on Z270-3DH

    boot with your usb installer and select your ssd again and if you are doing everything ok , it will install os again and will take sometime. in a diff. system when i used usb installer it said installing os and rebooted after 2-3 minutes running progress bar to end. did you format your ssd to apfs format???
  7. bigben1

    Problem Installing High Sierra

    disable your internal graphics from bios.
  8. Installing High Sierra 10.13.1 with following specs. Mobo=Ga z170x ud5, f6 bios GPU= gtx 1060 6gb Ram = 16gb ddr4 Wifi =TP link, TL-WDN 4800 ssd = samsung evo anyone having above specs, or close to it should have no problems installing High Sierra os , with everything working fine. those who have Lan line , should enable Lan in bios and install drivers for it.search google please.!!! use attached files and instructions. files in download section. name: Ga z170x ud5 files Info.zip
  9. bigben1

    Ga z170x ud5 files



    essential files for ga z170 ud5 Mobo, pascal gpu.
  10. bigben1

    hdmi audio

    hi there!!! my system specs are ga z170x ud5, i7 6700, cpu gtx 1060 6g, 16gb ram, sierra 10.12.6., everything working except can't enable hdmi for 4k lg monitor.i have sound through back panel and front panel using alc1150.kext and all 100/200 series kext. any help is much appreciated.
  11. bigben1

    USB doesn't boot.

    Bhooshan !!! once you install os on a hdd/ssd , you need to install Enoch on this drive NOT on your usb drive again. all you have to do is boot with your usb drive again and select your os drive as first boot and install enoch to your os hdd. and then add kexts , boot.plist,smbois.plist and kernel.plist. after that you have to add FakeSMC, NullpowerCpu...,and other kexts to the folder S/L/E of your hdd. fix permissions of you os boot hdd, rebuild mkext. reboot, take out your usb and choose your os hdd and boot with -v, -x flags.
  12. bigben1

    USB doesn't boot.

    attaching some kexts, boot.plist and smbios.plist, try them in extra folder. new.zip
  13. bigben1

    USB doesn't boot.

    post a copy of your org.chameleon.plist, may be need to alter some entries there.
  14. bigben1

    USB doesn't boot.

    hi !!! add following kexts to Usb...> S/L/E folder fakeSmc.kext nullCpuPowerManagement.kext make new folder Name "Kernels" as follows >>>>/System/Library/Kernels/ add attached herewith Kernel into this folder. now boot your usb as first device in Bios. kernel.zip
  15. your system specs please!!! also bios setting details .