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  1. bigben1

    catalina hackintosh

    installed os Catalina on my rig without any problems. since I have Vega 64, display is no problem. sound oob to my 4k hdmi monitor. had to install manually Airport Atheros..kext and IO8020family.kext to S/L/E folder for my TP link wifi to work.
  2. bigben1

    Random Freeze

    from your clover /kexts foley remove all fakesmc hardware sensor kexts. add NullCPUpowerManagement .kext
  3. remove all the Fakesmc sensor kexts from your other folder, see if that helps.
  4. to install Mojave don't use Hdmi port but try DP to install , once installed then u can switchover to HDMI ports.
  5. bigben1

    Z77X-UP5 Mojave Blank screen

    for installing purpose don't try to install with cdmi but connect to display port and once you have finished everything , reconnect via hdmi port
  6. copy usb installers EFI folder to SSD EFI folder after you have booted the system with usb stick. looks like your ssd does not have EFI folder. did you install clover boot loader to your ssd??? update to recent APFS.efi, Nvidia graphics fix.kext, lilu kext. fake smc kext update Nvidia web drivers for 10.12.6 , google.attached corrected config.plist config-2.plist
  7. bigben1

    move 10.14.1 update

    tried again today with downloaded .dmg file and installed ok.
  8. bigben1

    move 10.14.1 update

    tried to install full Mojave installer, but it reboots back to 10.14. by the way do you mean I have to make a new usb installer with 10.14.1 and then reinstall?????
  9. bigben1

    move 10.14.1 update

    ok thanks , I will try this.
  10. bigben1

    move 10.14.1 update

    unable to install Mojave 10.14.1 update via automatic update or .dmg update file, it gives me a error , "this update could not be installed on your system, please try again" ga z77xud3h rx 580 8gb 24 gb ram evo ssd 4k cdmi display LG Mojave 10.14 working flawlessly.
  11. add hfs+64uefi driver to your usb efi/drivers64uefi folder. also keep apfs.efi as it is. hope it works!!!!!
  12. check your bios settings also.
  13. bigben1

    Mojave rx580

    rx580 8gb works oobb, no patching. rx580 pulse version.thank you
  14. bigben1

    Mojave rx580

    I had success in installing os Mojave,!!!System Version: macOS 10.14 (18A391)specs; Gaz77xud3hcore i5 ( ivy bridge)RX 580 8gb Gpu12 gb ram Intel ssdmy usb installer could not boot in Hdmi mode, so I used DP for installation and then booted with Hdmi.another quirky stuff was that my usb installer could not see Mojave SSD after successful install, so I booted to HSierra ssd and installed Clover BL, and kexts without any problem.to get sound I used VoodooHDA latest version. 2.8.9....so far too good.pic below
  15. bigben1

    rx580 errors OS X 10.12

    formatted ssd on linux mint, clean installed ,all errors gone.