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woo hoo i passed my quiz. looking for some assistance


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hey everyone i has a compaq f750us and i am currently running windows 7 ultimate 64bit. i have updated the memory to 3gigs. and right now i would like to install osx 10.6.2 sse2 its by hazard. when i try install i keep getting this message. please see attached picture. please advice.


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here is the spec

Microprocessor 1.9 GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology TK-57 Microprocessor Cache 512KB L2 Cache Memory 1024MB (2 x 512 MB) Memory Max Up to 3072MB DDR2 Video Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 7000M Video Memory Up to 287 MB Hard Drive 120 GB (5400 rpm)


i have the maximum memory right now. let me know if you need more specs. thanks and i will give the info a try. i will update


here is the message from the -v.


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No, it did "work", it means that maxmem=2048 got you past the ATA controller panic, as you can see by looking at your own screenshots. It's a known problem with 64-bit addressing in some older ATA controller drivers that can be temporarily bypassed by limiting the amount of available memory, which is what that flag does.

This means you need to always boot with the maxmem flag until you can fix the issue by installing a better driver. If one exists.


Now it's panicking on the PS2 driver (third-party driver for your mouse/keyboard - Intel Macs don't have PS2 ports or devices).


If your Compaq is a desktop computer, disable PS2 inputs in the BIOS and use USB keyboard+mouse. then boot like this again

maxmem=2048 -v

If you're unable to disable PS2 devices in the BIOS because your computer is a laptop (or if you have no USB keyboard/mouse) try forcing 32-bit kernel and drivers mode by booting like this:

arch=i386 maxmem=2048 -v

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Wait...you said you were using 10.6.2?


The kernel that's loading (namely darwin kernel 9.5.0) is for Leopard, not Snow Leopard. You need a Snow Leopard kernel (darwin kernel 10.x.0, 10.0.0 will work). I can upload the kernel if you need it.


You may want to seriously consider a retail installation. They tend to be a lot easier. Try the method in my signature; it is especially for AMDs.

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You have 10.6.8. Before booting, type npci=2000. So, you come to the boot prompt, swap the DVD, press F5, and type:




and then press enter. Unless you use Apple's kernel, then you type:


mach_kernel npci=2000


See if that works. If not I'll get you a 10.6.8 kernel.

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