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  1. hey everyone i did everthing as posted. i go under system profile and then i click audio and it shows my audio device is 99 and nothing else. please help
  2. i tried the fresh installation and made sure the ethernet built in says yes. didnt work :-/
  3. i tried that setting and it did not work for me. i did not do a fresh install i basically upgraded my osx lion. i did not have any issues with installing. right now the only thing i notice is no ethernet is there any other fixes.
  4. hey guys i followed the procedure, but i am getting stuck at waiting for root device. i have one hdd and i tried it on port0 and port1. it still saying the same thing and i have ahci enabled. any ideas? -sorry i see there is another post with still waiting for root concern, i will check that out.
  5. 10.7.4 is OUT !

    i did the update and i lost ethernet , it shows i have no ethernet installed. my mobo is dg43gt with Intel Corporation 82567V-2 Gigabit for my ethernet. if anyone has any info please let me know. thank you.
  6. i dunno how to share the files between mac osx and windows i been trying but i cant get it. any ideas please. thank you
  7. will do my best when i get my VM box working again :-( osx just stuck on blue screen i may need the windows instructions because my virtual box isnt working well. osx just keeps looping.
  8. i have osx on my dekstop computer installed on Virtual box. can i edit the file there using the steps provided
  9. woo i got the file. now time for editing. i can help search :-)
  10. will get that thanks. also can i use the modcd or do i need another mod cd wow your awesome. yes please i need one for windows :-) i have no mac :-(
  11. so which dvd should i get. is there a specific one i can find.
  12. hey good morning. i wanted to give an update, i have made a lot of progress using the command for legacy kernel andusing the npci=0x2000. but when i get to installation screen it is telling me it could not read the disc and how i should try cleaning it and try doing the reinstallation. well i tried that and that did not work, i also started to do some digging and found that it is seeing that the disc is a 10.6.7 disc. could this be why its not installing because the kernel is for 10.6.8. i have some images.
  13. will give that a try tomorrow. thanks
  14. hey goodnight. i tried you bootcd and no luck still stuck on the pci config. I am going to try and the 10.6.7 :-/
  15. yayyy. congratulations. i cant wait to try it later on tonight. P.S Thank you.