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  1. Telepati, boot back into the drive you created the USB with and launch the P8P67 Pro Driver Installer and install it to the new Mountain Lion hard drive.
  2. Just noticed, the sound is being recognized but is not outputting anything.
  3. Worked like a charm, no effort what so ever:
  4. Please edit your original post and add the guide here, don't refer others to your website.
  5. Now I am wishing I had a developer account....
  6. What Morphium said is 100% correct, I have a cloned drive laying around just in case, that way nothing will be lost.
  7. See if you can boot in safe mode -x
  8. @rkrueger, yeas they are the latest packages.
  9. xx66stangxx

    Introduce yourself.

    Welcome :-)
  10. xx66stangxx

    Dual Boot Win7&Lion on HP Pavilion dv7 1245dx

    Found this by simply typing dual boot windows and osx laptop: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=262847
  11. xx66stangxx

    Noob needs help

    There should be a boot loader on the USB that you created. That's how you boot off of the USB. You don't need to install snow leopard first but you will need a snow leopard install/machine to purchase lion and create a bootable Lion USB.
  12. Do some research, your CPU will support osx. So google the name of your motherboard + osx86.
  13. xx66stangxx

    hackintosh compatiblity

    Warning: don't post a bump message. Read the forum rules. If you want to know of OSX can be installed the. Google your motherboard with osx86 written after it. You have an intel based computer so yes it's achievable. But YOU have to put time and work into it. Once you start trial and error is when you should come here asking questions.
  14. xx66stangxx

    Newbie Jan 24, 2012

    Do you have a boot loader installed?
  15. xx66stangxx

    Introduce yourself.

    ^^^You know you are from the South when....^^^^ Just messing, Welcome to the forum!