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Hey guys I'm looking to buy a low end laptop, and i wanted to run OSX and XP. So my question is, since I don't have 3,000 dollars to blow, what would be the most compatible laptop to osx86? i would like one that runs just like a mac would run.


I have seen this topic before but, was unsure of the out come..


kinda want to stay under a grand.

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^ dell inspiron E1405 - 679 US base


- intel core duo (can upgrade to core 2 duo for $100 more!)

- intel 950 GMA - fully compatible w/ hackintosh - full QE, CI

- intel wlan card - upgrade to a dell wireless card. im not sure if the 1390 works - check up on the hardware compatibility list at the wiki part of this site. (i actually have a patch for 1350s - it mite work on the 1390 with a few device id changes)

- loaded w/ XP MCE 05'

60gb sata drive

512 mb RAM


overall a GREAT buy, especially compared to a macbook (still running core duoand 5400 rpm drive).


someone confirm it please. I am very confident that this is a great laptop for hackintosh and a great buy, i just feel really bad it i missed something by chance and gdonnelly or others buy it w/ no luck.

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no audio just buy the macbook for 1000, the dual core does not work properly and neither will sleep mode on any laptop



umm sleep works fine on my laptop...close the lid it sleeps...open it up and hit power and it wakes up


or i can goto apple menu sleep and still works...


and what exactly do you mean dual core does not work? I'm pretty sure I've read people with core 2 duo's are working fine with both cores....

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I know you asked for a Laptop recomendation, but just so you know, today I installed OSX86 (myz) on a Dell Optiplex GX520 (Desktop) without much problems, just audio and network was missing, but a simple tweak on the kexts fixed those issues.


The machine has 512 MB Ram, 80 GB HDD (SATA), Intel video with full QE/CI, network and all.


I ran xbench on that machine and it totaled an awsome 78 points! A friend's G5 dual has about 87 points!... not bad.


For laptop I use an HP Pavilion ZV6130US with everything working except QE/CI features. I invested about a week in research and trial and error tweaking the kexts but it was worth the effort. However, I can't really reccomend this particular laptop since even though it feels snappy for normal tasks as Internet, Photo albums, music, and such, it scored a misserable 17.8 points on xbench.


Good luck on your hunt!

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