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  1. My new notebook

    I'm sure you can install OSX86 in your machine, but as far as I know, your wifi will not run (only ethernet). Your video card can be setup to use your native resolution but without QE/CI features. Sorry.
  2. hp dv6000t laptop

    Still no news on the 3945abg front? Still no go? That's too bad since I'm about to purchase a Laptop with that particular WiFi...
  3. Mac Os X on my dv2000t

    You will need to tweak some kexts in order to make it work 100% Im planning on buying that same model of your's just because I tried it on a friends dv2000 and all went ok except wifi and audio... But Im sure I can fix the kexts.
  4. Who here has a mac? not just a PC

    Yes they're awsome little machines. As far as I know, they have the guts of macbooks, sort of... Minus the lcd panel.
  5. The Torsoise and, well, me...

    That's great news Lost in Linux... Finally you tamed the beast
  6. Thanks Gama, but we are talking about accessing a Windows XP partition (NTFS) from within OSX86, not through a network. NTFS partitions can only be read (not written to) under OSX. For that the Windows partition needs to be FAT32. Rayan
  7. {help} Stuck at pre install point.

    Have you waited long enough on that screen? Chances are you will end up with a "Still wating for root device" error... Have you tried a newer OSX86 iso? See my sig... Rayan
  8. Sorry to ask the obvious, but are you plugged in to the wall AC outlet while booting? If not it will take ages to boot since osx86 does not work at full speed under battery power for some reason. good luck!
  9. Have you tried other isos like the one in my signature? There's one called ISO that even allows native install without VMware (made by JAS) sorry forgot the correct name.
  10. I tried that ISO on a friend's laptop same model as mine (see my sig) and it installed just fine without any patches (no still wating for root device), just had to install Callisto (beta 3) in order to achieve 1280x800 (native resolution) and also tweaked some kext to make WiFi and Audio work. Regards, Rayan
  11. Who here has a mac? not just a PC

    Besides my HP hackintosh I own an Apple PowerMac Dual G4 Quicksilver.
  12. Success With A Lowly HP Pavillion zv6000!

    I got everything working on my ZV6130US (well, except QE/CI and power saving features) Very fast system!
  13. The Torsoise and, well, me...

    @Lost in Linux , What image are U using? There are some images out there that still have some extension (sorry forgot it's name) that slows down tne system dramatically. Have you followed these steps? http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...6&hl=ZV6000
  14. In my case I can read (but not write because of NTFS) my XP partition from within OSX86.
  15. Hmmm, I'm planning on installing OSX86 on an hp DV2000 (dv2015nr)... Have you made any progress on this model? Peace! Rayan