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  1. i'm not asking if i should buy an EEEBOX or not, i'm asking if it's compatible...
  2. Yeah but it's impossible to build a silent and tiny pc like this... only the mac mini can be compared to it in my opinion, but it's 2x more expensive...
  3. Hi everyone, the new ASUS EEEBOX is just out, and i was wondering if we can install mac os on it?? any ideas? thanx,
  4. Mac OS and Ram Use

    i got 1.40 gb of "Incative Memory" whats that?
  5. Hi, i just bought a Macbook Pro C2D 2.16ghz, with 2gb of ram. Beautiful machine, everything is ok, nothing special about that. The only problem, is that even with 2gb, istat pro (a widget showing stats like CPU and RAM use) is displaying "ram free" of only some megabytes (something between 80 and 20mb) after some hours of use, and even with all apps closed. i'm running apps like Safari, Is Mac OS X as hungry as that or is istat pro going crazy?
  6. i recommand you a 945G-CONROE DVI, it's cheap, fully compatible (lan, sound, graphics, usb,ide, sata), and very stable. The only problem with this board (which i have for 5 months now) is that it has no firewire, and that overclocking goes to 350mhz fsb max (because of the 945 intel's chipset) , if its not a problem for you you can go ahead and buy it. PS : fully compatible with C2D, i have a 6300E on it.
  7. yeah... did you made a search on it? certainely not, i've got some news for you : 0 results Thats why i'm posting here anyways...
  8. Hi all, i was looking for builing a second Hackinstosh system, and totally fortunately, i've found this : http://www.asus.com.tw/products4.aspx?mode...l2=1&l3=381 It seems to be pretty compatible, and it's cheap (99€ in france) , not ugly, silent, and theres no need of spending hours to get pieces working together, ASUS does it for you! Had anyone tried it? what d'you think about it? Thanks,
  9. Will BOOTCAMP work

    i wont install it on an external HD, maybe can i simply repair the darwin boot loader?
  10. Will BOOTCAMP work

    Are you sure that we have to install Vista THEN osx? I'm planning to install vista on my fully working hackintosh, but i dont want to break my install ...
  11. What is the BEST Mobo actually?

    YEP : Asrock CONROE945G-DVI, awesome, uATX, and passive GMA950
  12. 99% Compatible

    none is interested?
  13. Asrock Conroe945 Sleeps and Wakeup !

    yes with via chipset, but i put it in another PC and just installed a usb 5 ports card with NEC chipset, no need for firewire to me. the point is that this card with NEC chipset was working out of the box on a powermac G4, but in the hackintosh it wasn't recognised, both were running 10.4.7... Now with 10.4.8 update from JaS, it works well, and thats great!
  14. Asrock Conroe945 Sleeps and Wakeup !

    my pci card was recognised but usb ports didnt function... but it's ok now with 10.4.8, surely a driver problem.