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  1. Just for clarification, I started this thread (a while back) because I had a theory that the Device ID, if incorporated into certain .kext files I had, might provide a fix. It worked for a couple cards - a few dell wireless cards but I was more curious about the intel cards. I was also working with someone at the time on the latest osx86 release DVD, 10.4.7, to contribute what wireless fixes I had. Furthermore, the forum, at the time, lacked a cohesive place for wireless devices. I hope we can continue this thread as a place to provide information on cards and collaboratively help each other with links, etc. of known fixes, or just request fixes for others to read and help. I haven't been into the osx86 project in a while because of school work, my company start-up, etc. but I will get back into it and contribute what I can again to the project.
  2. Hmm either the Allman Brothers Band or Velvet Revolver (Velvet Revolver is Slash, Duff, Matt Sorum from the old Guns N Roses playing with singer and rhythm from Stone Temple Pilots). Allman Brothers had that dope hippie experience but Velvet Revolver was Slash! Both awesome...
  3. X Men 3 - set up for a sequel?

    It's a great amazing movie. They haven't announced a sequel but i really hope they do. From what i heard, the little clip after the credits was added by the actors and director after (kinda spontaneous). Xmen 3 had a lot of action but no character development and was pretty short (probably because different director). Anyways, they need another! http://imdb.com is a good site to check up on any movie, released, in the making. I usually check there to see if sequels have been announced and imdb will give you as much information (actors, etc) as they know. Good site. SPOILER BELOW! It sucks though that (as far as we know) we won't be seeing Xavier, Cyclops, or Jean since the bodies of Cyclops and Xavier have been disintegrated, while Jean was stabbed by Wolverine. Even Magneto, rogue, and a few others lost their powers. My possible theory is that the effects of the 'cure' were only temporary and that's why Magneto (the strongest mutant cured) was able to gain his powers back. Perhaps in the possible sequel, the rest will regain their powers.

    Nice thread Aceplayer! Eid Mobarrak!!!
  5. Battlefield 2142 has been released in select areas. Battlefield 2142 takes place in... well... the year 2142. It is a futuristic setting. Starting in 2105, the Earth becomes overwhelmed with ice as a new Ice Age is among the world of tomorrow. Only a small area is left untouched from the cold touch of nature - an area in Eurasia (Europe-Asia). Forces from all nations fight to the death for the only means of survival of the human race. The game features hover tanks, new battle armor, upgrades, weaponry, high-tech scopes, EMP grenades, smart mines, and battle-walkers (those big robotic things with the turrets that walk around like in the Matrix 3). There are 'Titans' which are equipped with guns like a battleship with the ability to drop battle-walkers and basically command control over the area. These titans are controlled by the commander. Gameplay and graphics are similar to battlefield 2 with additional weaponry and tech that to me make it look almost like halo. The Trailer: Many battlefield 2 owners will be glad to know that the single player is actually a single player - not that instant battle sh*t in battlefield 2. There is a career mode which you will have to upgrade weaponry and fight through levels. It's got a nice story line and i think it holds much potential. Here's a picture from wikipedia of a Titan being destroyed in the new gameplay mode in which teams must destroy the enemy Titan to win the game, while defending their own Titan.
  6. Who said these machines are BSOD-ready? If they are, there must be some significant changes other than color in these machines. This also means we can expect changes and perhaps BSODs in future generations of mac.
  7. Sounds interesting but Before i download/install, how is it the best? Can you give some description? screenshots perhaps?
  8. Vista Wireless Driver

    Hi. I have a SMC SMCWUSBT-G (ar5523) which is the SMC wireless G-turbo card. I installed Vista RC1 (64 bit), and it said it recognized that i haave an ar5523 plugged in, how do you want to install the drivers? I selected manual, but it couldnt find any drivers. I tried downloading files on SMC's website (because i can't find the disk at home). I can't get this stupid thing to install at all. I haven't tried Windows Update though, but i am 85% sure it won't work (im going to try it wen i get a chance to drag my rig to the modem 3 floors down). Anyone have this card/chipset? Any ideas???
  9. yeah.. the intels are a big demand right now. I will try as diligently in the cracking of intel cards. If we get even one of the intel cards, it is a breakthrough for practically the entire series. I don't know if anyone noticed this but the osx86 project seems to be falling apart - no hackers are stepping up. If someone feels they are up to the challenge of working on cranking out some osx86 DVDs and wireless support, go ahead and PM me.
  10. ATIs work better with osx86 hands down, no doubt. Nvidias currently have no OpenGL, QE, or CI. That means, no special tiger effects (water drop dashboard effect, etc), no 3d support, and basic video playing. According to macvidia, the project working on nvidia drivers, their next driver patch is to have Quartz Extreme and Core Image support. If you want to wait till then, you can get an nvidia. But, the osx86 project seems to be falling apart (major hackers are backing out of the project, including Maxxuss, Jas, and the disappearance of Myzar) and i doubt macvidia will be fast with their next driver. I'd get a cheap ati according to that on the HCL section of this site. Then, if/when macvidia releases those drivers, you can get a crazy, high-performance nvidia.
  11. i heard the r600 had something like a 250W power consumption. Not that its much better anyways lol... The Nvidia G80 is supposed to be Nvidia's DX10 card. It has over 300W (320-350?) power consumption and the cooling will either be water or a massive air cooling. Bottomline? I'd say stay away from DX10 cards (and Vista) for 1/2-1 year until they both become stable and reasonable in every way possible (power consumption, security, price, performance).
  12. Windows Vista

    I think the success rate of Vista will be low in the beginning because most people will try and hold onto XP, atleast until the support lets up and Vista is out for at least like a year (so all the kinks get worked out). Personally, I love XP and im gonna hav a hard time giving it up. But im a gamer and the lack of DX10 on XP is going to force me and millions of gamers to upgrade sooner than some might want. I liked XP's simplicity - i could do what i want, everything was where i wanted it. Vista ups the standards on the everyday pc for that pretty 3d GUI. I'm all for 3d, but when you want to revert back to 2d, you have that not so attractive EMO look to it. You know what i'm talking about. It doesn't look as good as the 3d and its not pretty like XPs themes. The sidebar is so obstructive - i can never figure out if i want it in sight above all windows, or below them (so im not taking up about 20 percent of my monitor space. they really need to hotkey it like dashboard.
  13. Israel and Palestine

    There you go. I hate people like you. You think you know everything, when in fact, you are a victim of ignorance. You are accusing people of not knowing, without even knowing their sources. My friend killbot could be getting his sources from someone who has been to the Middle East - as where i am getting it from (actually several). Your a chauvinist so there seems to be no way to get this through your head but YOUR COUNTRY IS NOT STABLE. If it was a true utopia as the site suggests, there would be no violence, no racial struggle, and no military nonsense by Israel. What really pisses me off is your mention of religion and God. Who ever said he doesn't believe in God? Why does this even come into question. This is politics and for the sake of keeping the discussion purely a passive discussion of topics, i request to a moderator that yossicl's comment that i have quoted here be deleted or censored - or some course of action be taken. This is offensive to anyone - one who believes in god or not and it is especially disrespectful to use it in an argument or to try and diss someone.
  14. Israel and Palestine

    http://seingthetruth.blogspot.com/ i love this site (rofl) It's full of slanderous lies that make you believe Israel is prospering. The pictures shown are rare instances - not common occurances. As for polls, many polls are rigged; something George Bush commented on earlier during his reelection. This site is simply to give a false sense of security. It is not realistic and i want to see the person on this forum who's got the balls to tell me otherwise.
  15. best laptop, most compatible...

    http://www.dell.com/content/products/featu...;l=en&s=dhs ^ dell inspiron E1405 - 679 US base - intel core duo (can upgrade to core 2 duo for $100 more!) - intel 950 GMA - fully compatible w/ hackintosh - full QE, CI - intel wlan card - upgrade to a dell wireless card. im not sure if the 1390 works - check up on the hardware compatibility list at the wiki part of this site. (i actually have a patch for 1350s - it mite work on the 1390 with a few device id changes) - loaded w/ XP MCE 05' 60gb sata drive 512 mb RAM overall a GREAT buy, especially compared to a macbook (still running core duoand 5400 rpm drive). someone confirm it please. I am very confident that this is a great laptop for hackintosh and a great buy, i just feel really bad it i missed something by chance and gdonnelly or others buy it w/ no luck.