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Beside looking for the guide on how to install Chameleon on a real mac, does anyone know if this will work?

Hi BogMan, do not use Chameleon on real Macs. It's not working and not designed for real Macs, only for PCs to run Mac OS X. It may screw up your system/booting completely. Stay away from Chameleon on your real MacMini.


Try googling on methods how to install Windows etc. on real Mac via some boot CD or USB perhaps. This thread is not for such use.

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Hello janek202, hope you are well. It seems Chameleon keeps going and Yosemite is supported, so we would really like you to keep supporting this excellent tool. On my Z87N-WIFI board, I have tried Clover but it kept messing with my CMOS settigns etc. so I reverted to Chameleon, safely and securely... And I am sure I am not the only one using Chameleon on Yosemite, mate!


There seems to be a new feature "ShowInfo" that I am kindly requesting you to add to the first left column of the plist options (Boot flags):


Thank you dude, appreciate your support. Let me help you expand on the (?) too if you want.
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