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  1. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know, that work on this app will be even slower now. I switched to Clover on all my PCs and I don't use Chameleon any more. I may add new switches for new options in the future, if you need that.
  2. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    It's already there. Look in the preferences menu.
  3. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    No problem, but I need informations about these models first.
  4. I heard about this bug, but I don't know what is causing this. What items do you have in /Volumes directory? Can you send me an output of ls /Volumes terminal command? I will try to fix it when I have some time.
  5. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    New version 4.4.0 released. Kernel flags module was rewritten. Now it won't remove unknown flags, and supports auto-update for new ones. Also support for PrivateData was added. If any flags are missing, please let me know.
  6. I am, but most likely It won't be ready before release of 10.10. BTW. Patching of AppleKextExcludeList won't be possible. Editing Info.plist to add new entries will result in signing errors: $codesign -v AppleKextExcludeList.kext AppleKextExcludeList.kext: invalid Info.plist (plist or signature have been modified)
  7. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    Yep, because It's still on dropbox. I forgot to change it. But I won't release new version just to fix that. Here it is in case anyone wants it: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=ZNFXPPBL2GKWJ
  8. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    Thanks to help of @valkin, and hosting on osxlatitude.com, Chameleon is back online with all the features. New download link: http://wizards.osxlatitude.com/chameleon/cw.zip While my dropbox account is blocked, app won't be able to update itself, so you have to do this manually.
  9. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    I will update my apps with new URLs once I find new home for them.
  10. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    I need to move those files anyway. I have a lot of files on my account, and I don't want to have it suspended or banned. And this is second time this is happening. Before this I was storing my apps on the CloudApp. I got an e-mail I was using too much traffic too.
  11. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    But this will only solve half of the problem. I can store applications there, but not new chameleon revisions, smbioses, themes etc. Also auto-update likely won't work. I'm looking for free storage solution, but I don't think I'll find something good. Without server support, this app is a bit useless.
  12. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    The Business solution has 200GB/day sharing limit. But I don't want to pay for a lot of space I don't need. The only possible solution, I can think of, is to switch to other hosting solution. But I hope that this ban won't take too long.
  13. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    My personal dropbox account, which I use to store chameleon and my apps has reached sharing limit. I don't know for how long it won't work, but I can't do much about that. During that time CW will not be able to download Chameleon and update SMBioses. Apparently sharing limit is 20GB per day, and my whole Public directory is only 67MB, so I don't know how is that possible.