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New WWDC developments for developers


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It would have been easy to miss all the great new stuff for developers during the hubub of the keynote. Even though it is a developer conference.


Anyway, Apple released Xcode 2.4 yesterday to developers at WWDC. It doesn't appear to be available on ADC, but should be shortly.


Secondly, Apple announced Xcode 3.0 during the Keynote yesterday which promises to bring many improvements to the IDE.

So compelling, Apple wrote Xcode 3.0 itself using it. [
Editor's note: Talk about recursive
.] Enjoy modern garbage collection, syntax enhancements, runtime performance improvements, and 64-bit support. At your own pace, since it’s backwards compatible with existing Objective-C source. Write applications more quickly with fewer bugs using Objective-C in Xcode 3.0.

I'll let you check out the sneak peak for more info, but 3.0 also promises to bring an improved Interface Builder, "snapshots," and whole bunch of other goodness.

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I think somebody missed the "headline":


Objective-C 2.0


So compelling, Apple wrote Xcode 3.0 itself using [Objective-C 2.0].




Regarding Xcode 2.4, it is available for download at the WWDC and to certain paying ADC members. Here is what Chris Espinosa had to say on the Xcode mailing list:


Xcode 2.4, an update to the Xcode 2 IDE, is announced today and

available on connect.apple.com (Access will vary by developer type and

geography today as we push the content around the world). This is a

public release and it can be discussed freely on xcode-users.



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