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  1. Better Photo Manage/Viewer on OSX

    Lightroom works the best for me.
  2. MacWorld 2008 Transcript Leaked?

    If the Mac Nano information is true, I'm excited. SSD!!!!!!
  3. another site im working on, good? bad?

    I had a lot of work to do on this site before it was anywhere near ready. My friend was not getting back to me on what he wanted on the site so it has not been changed since I posted the link in here. He wanted it rounded and very simple. I had some really neat ideas but I'm not gonna work too hard on it until I know what he wants. He is an awesome automotive photographer btw. Check out some of his pics: http://honda-tech.com/zerothread?id=1992463 http://honda-tech.com/zerothread?id=1918027 Awesome stuff, he uses a Nikon D70 if anyone is interested.
  4. another site im working on, good? bad?

    Thanks for the tips Pase...
  5. another site im working on, good? bad?

    not sure what you mean, sorry!
  6. Favourite Linux/UNIX distro

    i agree.
  7. Camino 1.5 released.

  8. From Hackintosh to Macintosh

    All I know is... I love my iMac more than I ever loved my hackintosh. Because of my Hackintosh, I was able to appreciate and feel comfortable becoming a 100% Mac user. I sold my pc setup and bought a iMac. It is much better then my Hackintosh... by a long shot. Do what my sig says, GET A REAL MAC.
  9. New Blizzard Game

    it doesnt come out until 2008 sometime
  10. another site im working on, good? bad?

    i changed it entirely around 11-12 pm today. refresh!
  11. Web authoring software

    coda looks very cool, im gonna try it out. at $79... thats awesome!
  12. another site im working on, good? bad?

    myriad pro :pirate2:
  13. http://www.jmbat.com/sk this is still very much under construction. this site is for a friend of mine who is a upcoming photographer. he is big into the honda/car scene and is into automotive photography. im still working on the general layout and the navigation. check it out, lemme know what you guys think.
  14. Your Next Computer

    i had a hackintosh, i just got a 17" imac. i love it.