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  1. Thank you for posting stolen work without asking the devs!
  2. Wow. It must be some problem with forum engine.Damn. Some words suddanly dissapeared. Nevermind.I will fix it. greets from semthex Congrats on your shiny new badge Dale!
  3. To MODS and ADMINS! Please CLOSE and DELETE this thread. I dont know why you let those ppl to act like a children (Kiko and Dale Walsh aka BuildSmart) They are liars and thiefs! Dale Walsh! Who gave you permission to post our work? How dare you? Those 2 persons was coused many troubles to this community, and if the sitestuff continues to assist to those bastards it will be worse and (flame)war will never ends. So...MODs...please remove this {censored}in tread.. Thank You! P.S: We asked nicely before, but it looks like doesnt help!
  4. FancyNatra

    "Kismus" Live DVD Spotted...

    Kismus! You still alive? I've manage to put your image to my 1Gb pendrive and its works amazing! Thank you my friend! It is a "must have tool" for all hackintosh users! You made a really good work! Cheers!
  5. FancyNatra

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Its on hackint0sh.org Check Audio Devices section
  6. FancyNatra

    10.4.9 ati x300 qe & ci on inspiron 6000

    Yes.It should work on 10.4.9. The patched ATIRadeon9700.kext is necessary for all radeon based cards. If you dont have QE/CI by default, apply "koverg patch", and setup "callisto" properly.
  7. FancyNatra

    10.4.9 ati x300 qe & ci on inspiron 6000

    Go to http://netkas.freeflux.net/blog and download the patched ATIRadeon9700.kext or use 10.4.8 ATIRadeon9700.kext.
  8. Nice! Yippe! It would be really nice if you can fix 64bit issue. I want to use "clear" in 64bit mode.
  9. FancyNatra

    About This Mac Screenshots

    My dark transparent hackintosh
  10. FancyNatra

    OSX 1048 AMD FINAL

    I added appleintelcpupowermanagement, but same kernel panic without -legacy flag. Panic(cpu 0 caller 0x001a2ecf): kernel trap (0x2e34184) with 64-bit state Debugger called: <panic> 0x2e34028 : 0x128d1f (0x3c9738 0x2e3404c 0x131ed0 0x0) 0x2e34068 : 0x1a2ecf (0x3ceb64 0x2e34184 0xffffffe1 0x90009857) 0x2e34178 : 0x19aaf4 (0x2e34184 0xf 0x3006f8 0x0) No mapping exists for frame pointer Becktrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0xbffffdb8 Here is a dmesg with -legacy: dmesg_flama.txt Later today i will start to play with extensions.
  11. FancyNatra

    OSX 1048 AMD FINAL

    Hey myzar! Nice work like allways! Actually it works better then JaS DVD on my intel box, because your release has no depency errors. Tha LAN and Azalia doesn't worked out of the box.I installed both drivers manually, so this is not a problem. The only weird thing is: If i boot without -legacy kernel flag, i got a kernel panic, no matter what kernel i use. Is it related to AMD decrypts? Can i fix it by replacing it with pure untouched encrypts? It would be nice if you could point me to the right direction!Thx! Keep up the good work!
  12. FancyNatra

    10.4.9 hackintish update report

    Thx, but the fact is that i allready replaced System.kext. I've tried to update without any new kexts and frameworks but still same error. Weird.
  13. FancyNatra

    10.4.9 hackintish update report

    No luck here. I,ve got "still waiting for root device" and cannot boot it to single user with semthex or mifki kernel. I see another error which is related to kernel i think.. com.apple.kpi.bsd..._kauth_cred_unref..
  14. FancyNatra

    Adobe Announces Photoshop CS3 Beta

    Yep.You are right.After patching the binary i've replaced old SMBIOS with yours and it works! Thx for this info!
  15. FancyNatra

    Adobe Announces Photoshop CS3 Beta

    Simply grab some earlier release(4/5/6/7) and replace SMBIOS. You can find it on any DVD in System/Installation/Packages/Essetials.pkg Use Pacifist to extract Essentials.pgk.