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Logitech Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser for Mac


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I'm now using the Saitek Gamers Keyboard and the Razer Pro 1.6 with my hackintosh. Razer Pro mouse has unibin drivers for Mac. It's a very good mouse but corded. I have also used cordless Logitech MX700 with the MacPC. Unibin Logitech Control Centre are available for download though I've yet to try it.


Before the using the Saitek, I used a very old Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro. MS has very feature rich unibin drivers for both its mouse & keyboard(old & new).



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Six months late, oh well.


Now, allow me to vent my spleen!


The Logitech S530 Keyboard for MAC with Azerty (French / Belgian) keymapping


1. It is visually attractive, slim profile.


2. The key layout is not compliant with Mac OS, the @ and < keys > qnd #are reversed, you need to install the dreaded Logitech Control Center for this to be sorted out. (well I did it in the end by editing DefaultKeyBindings.dict)



3. It is impossible to make | [ ] ~ on this keyboard without third part software such as popchar, there is no "ALT-GR" modifier key as normal AZERTY PEE-CEE keyboards have. This is intensely frustrating as a Unix user.



4. Logitech control center. 211 Crashes my Mac continually, or rather the silent install of Unsanities APE does. the uninstaller does not remove it by the way.


5. Logitech control center 212 doesnt even recognise the keyboard (or the oversensitive mouse)


Now, because most people who have the product, and I say this with all due respect to them, dont speak perfect english - the English speaking Logitech has paid them, no attention. Obviously, or they would have fixed it by now.


This product is a pile of rubbish, it is overpriced, doesnt function as needed and in short is a very poor offering from Logitech.


My solution will be to buy a US keyboard, but - gee, I had to say what I felt about how Logitech have dumped rubbish on the french speaking world!


Shame on you Logitech.

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Heads up,

There are a couple of people who have trouble getting this to work fully with a Hackintosh. I can't get the hotkeys to work with the supplied software. So for the meantime, be cautious. Also, if you are thinking to dual boot with XP, or use this as a gaming keyboard be cautious, Using this keyboard I lose my favourite key assignments. There are only 5 keys in the "Home, Delete, End,Pageup and Page Down" key group. My other keyboard had 9 keys which helped in key mapping for gaming.



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To those where the S530 didnt work correctly, in another thread there was help:


So finally (thanks BJMoose!!!) it works, well, almost perfect with that driver, that is normally not to be found at logitechs website. Almost because, at the moment, the eject key seems to work somehow erratic, but doesnt throw out the cd. It sometimes acts like F12, sometimes it opens spotlight and so on... But the othe things seem to work on my first look. Maybe 2.2.2 is BETA and the release version will be 2.24 or so - but at the moment... I just ordered a second S530:-)


Far all, heres the direct download link from logitech:



Report if it works.

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Logitech's latest release is 2.3.1. In a quick test it appears to be a solid release, with full support for many more of Logitech's wireless keyboards.


Direct link: <http://tc.versiontracker.com/product/redir/lid/1195970/lcc231.zipLogitech%20Control%20Center>


File date shows as 4 Oct, 07; Version Tracker sez released 12 Oct, 07.





HP Laptop DV9230US 1.66 GHz Core2Duo 2GB DDR2 RAM F27 BIOS w/Bluedragon1971 whitelist patch to allow booting with non-stock mini-PCIE wireless card

2X 250GB (2X 233GB Formatted) WD SATA WD2500BEVS Hard Drives (run quiet and cool)

Dell 1490 (Broadcom) mini-PCIE Wireless

Vista Ultimate on first HDD, formatted NTFS

OSX86 10.4.10 (Uphuck 10.4.9 1.4ir3 followed by KoolKal 10.4.10 updater) on second HDD, formatted HFS+ & MBR

Darwin Kernel 8.10.1: Wed May 23 16:33:00 PDT 2007; Sochi2014:VoteForUs/RELEASE_I386

EasyBCD BootLoader


XBench 1.3: 109.19

Working in OSX: Sleep; Dual widescreen monitors (Internal @ 1440 by 900 & external Dell 2405FPW 24" LCD DVI @ 1920 by 1200) both w/QE/CI/Rotation, iLife08, iWork08, Built-in speakers, Camera/PhotoBooth, Sonix WebCam Monitor, Wireless

Not working in OSX: Sound in/out other than built-in speakers (Conexant), card reader

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I've been using the S530 for about 2 week, so far I love it. The only hot keys that wont work is the brightness buttons (as expected), however, everything else is working fine, all keys are customizable, and I find the mouse to be very responsive.


Before I bought this keyboard + mouse , I had used the S510 which has esentially the same keyboard with a different mouse (optical), and it was my favorite keyboard at the time. The key strokes are linear, construction was solid, the slim factor looks nice, and it was relatively quiet, the same comments apply for the S530's keyboard. The mouse is for right hands only, has a laser sensor, customizable thumb buttons, long battery life, and an On/Off button. I never liked rechargable mice, since the internal batteries are not user replaceable.


I should mention I own a Logitech's MX5000, LX500, V450 notebook mouse, VX NANO, the apple aluminum keyboard + mighty mouse combo that came with my legit imac, and I work at Geek Squad, so im constantly interacting with all kinds of keyboards and mice, so I have a good basis for comparison.

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