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  1. lastsoft

    Problems with notebook speakers?

    first i wanted to thank you guy for all the effort. Codec: Realtek ALC883 Address: 0 Vendor Id: 0x10ec0883 Subsystem Id: 0x15580660 Revision Id: 0x100002 i have a bit of a problem with my alc 883 chipset. i used tarugas hdapatcher 1.16 1.f17 and 1.20 with the same result. i get the sound prefs ok. but i get no sound from any of the components there. it is showing internal speaker, line out, and hd out but i get no sound from the internal speakers and a very very very low sounds from the line out jack only when i turn the speakers volume all the way up and the volume in the my mac all the way up. i attached my linux codec dump for this computer. dump.txt
  2. lastsoft

    AppleHDA Patcher Results

    hey. ive got a problem with my alc 883 ive used the hda patcher and got the same result with defernt versions. (1.16 1.17 1.20) i got all the components in sound prefs like internal speakers and line out. my line out is giving a very very faded sound on full volume on both computer and speakers. internal speakers dont work at all or it just to low for me to hear. ive attached my codec dump from linux. thanks. SHlomi Hassan dump.txt
  3. I got the keyboard two weeks ago.. and it works wonderful on my hackintosh. im very happy with its smooth sleek look and its very slim. i love it. Lastsoft.
  4. lastsoft

    [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    you should try edit the autoexec.bat file to see if theres an automatic commands. and you should burn it to a cd with boot image. i belive this will work. it worked for me in a loooooot of boards... try it. from what i understand here is that the bcm4311 basicly works just not the mini-pcie??? am i correct??
  5. lastsoft

    Broadcom 4311 problems

    what type of card is it??? pci??? mini-pci??? mini-pci-e???? what is the vendor id/Product ID??? mayb this could help..
  6. jalavoui. i got it on -s it got stack as soon as it scans. heres a pic. IMG_0966.tiff i forgot - IOSLEEP(5000)
  7. ok. i got testing with IOSleep(500) got kp as soon as i start scanning. i heres the syslog. systemIOSleep500.txt ill try 2000 now.
  8. heres my logs min before i got kp in osx. i got some photos in -s mode. i got the same result in system.txt and in -s mode. dmesg.txt ioreg.txt system.txt IMG_0934.tiff IMG_0938.tiff IMG_0946.tiff IMG_0955.tiff thanks.
  9. i got 3 tries and got the same result as mlazy.
  10. iwi3945 rel 701 bash-3.2# kextload -t iwi3945.kext kextload: extension iwi3945.kext appears to be loadable kld(): Undefined symbols: _ieee80211_hw_config _ieee80211_start_hard_monitor _tasklet_enable kextload: kld_load_from_memory() failed for module /iwi3945.kext/Contents/MacOS/iwi3945 kextload: a link/load error occured for kernel extension iwi3945.kext link/load failed for extension iwi3945.kext (run kextload with -t for diagnostic output)
  11. Crazysamz if you want wireless and now. then keep it. if u wanna help community read abit in forum and start testing :censored2: heres some rel 700: dmesg_1st.txt dmesg.txt ioreg_1st.txt ioreg.txt system_1st.txt system.txt
  12. ok.. im using ubuntu live now. im connected to my network with i3945. i attached my logs from log - syslog.txt and heres the dmesg file. dmesg.txt hope its helpful.
  13. jalavoui i can get logs from my ubuntu live??? i know that the i3945 works. how can i get theme is it the same command???
  14. ok.. heres some 695 logs. dmesg.txt ioreg.txt system.txt mayb we can do some kind of dump in linux. i know my ubuntu works perfectly...
  15. heres some more logs.. dmesg.txt ioreg.txt system.txt