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  1. miramar

    Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    Thanks for the good work. I didn't use your script but here's another card that you can add to it that's confirmed working on a fresh install of Jas 10.4.8+PPF1 followed by Koolkal's 10.4.10 SSE3 update. Belkin High-Speed Mode Wireless G Desktop Card (PCI) F5D7001ak ver 2000ak 0x14E4, 0x7001 (Vendor, Device IDs)
  2. miramar

    Recommended hardware

    Just be aware that the info in the HCL is sometimes wrong. It pays to verify the info there with searches in the forum especially if you're using it as a guide for hardware purchases. I encountered this once. If I remember correctly an SMC PCI Wifi card is listed as working out of the box in the 10.4.8 HCL when actually it isn't. It only worked with 10.4.7. Nevertheless it is still an invaluable resource.
  3. miramar

    MSI 945GZM6-F any chance?

    Haven't tried the MSI but I use the Asrock ConroeXFire-eSata2(see my sig). Has everything I want including Firewire & eSata. Very stable in OSX. Only thing that doesn't work is the audio, stereo out only, no mic in. It supports 1066MHz unofficially. Takes Core2Duos but not Quads. Last but not least, it's cheap. I have a 2 full-time hackintoshes running on this board since 10.4.7.
  4. miramar

    Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    Avatar: 7/10 (cute green thing) Sig: 9/10 (I like the part about oink)
  5. They sure do. I've tested the Apple Wireless Mouse & Wireless Keyboard. Now using the wired Mighty Mouse and I'm sure the keyboard works as well. Even the old Apple iSight firewire works.
  6. Which bt dongle do u have? I read somewhere that only the DLink dongle which has been flashed with Apple's firmware will support headsets. I'm not entirely sure about this. I do have 2 other dongles, one an MSI BToes 2.0 & a generic one, which I intend to test soon.
  7. miramar

    Recommended hardware

    As far as the m/b is concerned, one of the reasons I choose Intel 945 is because it supports both SATA & IDE reliably. I haven't looked at 975s because of the cost. 965s only has SATA. IDE is usually supported by a 3rd-party chip such as JMicron which was a problem but should be OK now. I intend to but haven't had the time to look into 965s. Prior to the hackintosh, I was an AMD user all the way but switched to Intel C2Ds due to problems I had with my nForce4 m/bs at that time. I have to recommed Intel since I have stocks in Intel. Nah, just kidding. As for graphic cards, to keep things simple, go with Natit dual 0.2 drvs & an Nvidia 7xxx series with 256mb or less. I'm using a 7900GS. It's plenty fast. I've also used successfully ATI x300, ATI x1650 & Nvidia 6600. I also have a 8600GS which I hope to try with diabolik's new drivers soon. I've tried one Sarotech 2.5in external firewire HD, no probs. Also Sony & Panasonic DV camcorders connected via firewire. No probs capturing the DV into iMovie. Haven't had problems with firewire at all from day one. I think that Dazzle box should work with no probs. It doesn't require drivers in Windows, right? Does Windows detect the device without any drivers & can you capture from it with Windows Movie maker? If it works w/o drivers, it'll work on OSX, it'll just see it as another Firewire DV device. My friend is using a similar analog to DV device from Canopus and it works fine with OSX.
  8. miramar

    Did anyone actually go out a buy one?

    xfsasx, can you test the iphone with a sim card other than at&t and tell us what happens?
  9. miramar

    Did anyone actually go out a buy one?

    2 weeks ago, I asked a relative living in the US to get me one but on hearing of the 2-year contract and possibly a locked phone, I had no choice but to abandon the purchase.
  10. I dunno about you guys but I find the most technically savvy Mac users (both OS X or OSx86) reside on this beloved forum.
  11. miramar

    Recommended hardware

    Have a look at my signature, I've have 1 hackintosh at work and one at home running rather well as a HTPC. The most critical decision you have to make, when building a hackintosh, is the motherboard. I like to use Intel 945 chipsets. From experience they have been the most compatible. I use the Asrock cos they're cheap, supports C2D and have Firewire onboard as well as eSATA. The only problems I have with this m/b is that microphone input does not work and USB devices are not waking up from sleep(though I don't know whether this is m/b related.) Soon I will begin experimenting with Intel 965 chipsets. 975s are still too expensive for me.
  12. I think all 22" LCDs are using TN-Film panels so quality wise I think they all should be about the same. I only looked at 2 models before purchasing mine. The Samsung 226BW and the Dell E228WFP. The design of the Samsung is nicer but it was also RM300 more expensive than the Dell (RM899). In the end I bought the Dell. I'm quite happy with the Dell. btw RM is Ringgit Malaysia.
  13. miramar

    iTunes Wont Authorize

    just change your ethernet to en0. That worked for me.
  14. Just go here. http://www.blueman.com/itunes/ Get your iTunes Gift Code and redeem it from within iTunes. This should let you create an iTunes Account without a credit card or if iTMS is not available in your country. The gift code is for the US Store only, so make sure you select the US store if iTunes tells you that there's no store for your country and asks you to select one. Now you can download album art & free songs & videos. Expires 8/7/2007 according to website. Let me know if it works. ps: I found this when I googled for "The code is redeemable only on the U.S. iTunes Music Store".
  15. I've been a Logitech MX700 fan for a long time. Have 3 of them, 2 still in use. Recently I tried the Razer Pro and just loved it. Took a while to get used to it because of the symmetrical design. The MX700 was for right hand use.