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4870x2 10.6.2 QE Problems


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could someone give me a hand with this, got my 4870x2 working on 10.6.1 using qe and cl netkas patch and graphics enabler and need to update to 10.6.2 or 10.6.3. I can update but when I install the updated kexts from netkas I get this kernel panic.




Any help would be great, thanks.

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Hi haighy,

While I'm new to this currently stuck on how to/ what exactly 'run' the Asus installer package to USB means

I have also done much research on this GFx card as it is the one I am stuck with for now.

I think I have found a solution for these cards working on 10.6.3 reported by Macest on Netkas.

It involves using the latest patch in " Zeus " by Cindori. refer links below

I gather this involves flashing your card so read up about it first.



Also see this about about keeping the card cool,



Good luck and please report if this works. :ninja::(

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I am in the same position too. I can update to 10.6.3 but get the same KP from that pesky ATIRadeonx2000 kext


Any know fixes to get up to 10.6.3? I have tried so many things now it's making my head spin...


Haighly, did you have QE_CI working in 10.6.1?

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Not sure exactly what brand or version your card or hardware. For 4870x2 card's reported working go here Post#912 on.




If you are able you could also try new way's currently being trialed, would be great to have someone try 4870x2 card's

with these method's. (My 4870 remains unused due to no DVI on my monitor :) ). See links in my post#947..



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