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    4870x2 10.6.2 QE Problems

    I have same problem. I've Powercolor 4870x2 graphic card. I installed 10.6.3 but It gives kernel panic. I tried netkas patches. Does anybody work this card on 10.6.3 ?
  2. elnino

    10.6.3 Released !

    Anyone confirm that worked 4870X2 on 10.6.3 ?
  3. I'm using Asus P5Q SE with 10.6.1 I installed kexts but I cannot control volume. It says "The selected device has no output controls"
  4. I can't find the right cable. Where do I buy this cable?
  5. Okay. Which one is best? Trust BT-2400P or D-Link DBT-120? I don't need to work sleep function, only works with Magic Mouse. I'm using 10.6.1
  6. I'm gonna buy Trust BT-2400P. Is it really supported and working with Magic Mouse? Which version should I buy?
  7. I' using Linksys USBBT100 model (I think it's BCM2035 chipset). I have Asus P5Q SE mobo and installed 10.6.2 The bluetooth doesn't work properly. Which kext should I use?
  8. I'm using CREATIVE X-FI FATAL1TY with front panel Does it use 20k2 chip? I can't get working. Can you please send the voodoohda kext that you used? Thanks
  9. Does volume control working on digital out (SPDIF)?
  10. Thanks but still I cannot change volume.
  11. Still I cannot change the volume on 64 bit snow leopard with spdif out "The selected device has no output controls"
  12. Has someone tried SiI 3132 Mac OS X 10.6 & 10.6.1 BASE (non-RAID) BETA (10/8/2009) new driver on 64bit SL? http://www.siliconimage.com/docs/SiI3132_1...il_Pkg_BETA.zip