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  1. Hi asofan, Try participate in 'Testing' at below link. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=268209
  2. Need help figuring out a system build

    Hi Mission3D, Despite many hacks being reasonably stable they are still hacks. In your work environment it is much better to stick with real Mac's. That said if you have an interest & time there is nothing stopping you from building one up at home then doing some homework Most 5000, 6000 ATI & nVidia cards have reported working to some degree. Then some problems e.g display connection have been further been solved by 'editing custom personalities' As an example my system absolutely nothing I did would get my 4870x2 to work with my monitor connection's in 10.6 - 10.6.2, after apple graffix & 10.6.3 update it work & was able to update all the way to 10.6.7 with just simple audio patch. Now 10.6.8 is more complex & simply updating will send my unit into kernel panic. I'm away helping a sick family member & have had to leave instruction's to family to not update. In a work environment if someone did update you could well waste quite a few hrs or more sorting this out providing someone there has some idea what to do..
  3. Hi rev4turbomonster, I see you have 'SE' board, did you use bin patch script from post #4 for your Mobo. I believe the one in .: ErmaC .: post #1630 is for P6T/D boards only. (please correct me if I'm wrong). Hi fliprocky, I hope you still plugging away, sorry am busy with other issues at mo. You will defiantly need latest Chameleon version/s and thus USB install because of your GFx card. Check you have correct DSDT & correctly installed on your USB installer for your i7 920. Please Google "How to Install Snow Leopard (10A432) on PC Hackintosh" for some more tip's to help when creating your USB. I would probably not just yet do 10.6.8 update until problems are confirmed solved & your system running NOTE: ALL PLEASE ADD SYSTEM SPEC'S TO YOUR SIGNATURE OR ALL POST'S
  4. Please add your system specs to your posts. Signature in my controls top of page above 'Logged in as:'. Start in blue slot, what GFx card you have &/or how it is connected 'could' be your issue. Without knowing exactly what hardware you have this is only guesswork..
  5. Hi fliprocky, You do not format under windows, after you select Your language from S/L install disk on the next screen on menu bar at top of screen select 'Utilities > Disk Utility' & format there...
  6. Hi Fliprocky, No Mac follow post #1.. Use Win to download & burn boot 132. No IDE's & no support in OSX for these. SATA H/D connected to 1st SATA Port on M/B (see M/B manual if not sure), yes remove Win/ other H/D's. Retail S/L !! format while installing (see post #1). With your specs most important to specify 'Model' ie 920 or 930 etc & your GFx card/s only use 1 for first install, does not hurt to remove all bar one ram either. Read also Post #4 for more relevant info. Good Luck
  7. Hi claudiud, After 10.6.3 & Apple graphics update mine work strait up with graphic enabler = Yes. QE-CI both rom's (no output from VGA). See my sig. Not sure about latest Chameleon with ATI personalities and it's effect as hack busy with family now it all stable & reliable. Yes best to use correct DSDT for your configuration
  8. Hi zuogolpon, I believe the problem is your GFx card is not supported. Check out the below link to see if there is a solution yet. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=245540
  9. Hi FungFlex, Unfortunately with your mixed bag install it is unlikely anyone could help you here. I would suggest just use the install as in this thread with the latest Chameleon which also I believe now supports your GFx card. Please see links below for latest Chameleon install methods : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=231075 : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=257464 Or you could just firstly replace boot file from this install (link below) first then update Chameleon after. : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=231768 As to sound from your HDMI (most 4x 5x cards don't have HDMI sound supported), depending on how much time & effort you wish to put in you 'May' be able to get success via editing custom personalities, see below link. Otherwise search forum for any other solutions that may be out there.. : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=249642
  10. Hi CJP2, This is more than likely a Asus Bios issue, My Apple A1242 keyboard does not have the Delete key recognised & prior to the last Bios update the Tab key selection was only working at random. Asus support was very supportive but plenty slow, they offered a solution by me sending them my keyboard (halfway across the planet mind you). This is the same no matter if I have any many or no OS installed. As to a solution I have an old keyboard (PS2) that I connect if I wish to enter Bios. Otherwise you could consider contacting Asus support & go from there..
  11. Hi All, I'm no Linux expert but a while back I tried installing Ubuntu 10.10 64bit on an external H/D. I gave up on tri boot this way mainly after what turned out to be Nvidea driver issues (have ATI now so will try again after I get another H/D). Anyway to your problem of installing Ubuntu without grub i managed to do this by installing the Ubuntu 'server edition' (it's then an option). I tried without Grub & with Grub installed to the partition, but did not manage to get Chameleon to either recognise or get out of a continuos boot loop. I'm not sure if this was because I was trying install to an ext USB H/D, Nvidia driver issue or other. EDIT: Some more info for inspiration, See [sOLVED] Triple Boot: Ubuntu 9.10, Win 7, OSX by charlesh1609, this is certainly worth trying and as in my case using separate H/D's should just involve selecting the correct drive for install/repair/s. As to Grub (when Ubuntu selected) again offering all OS's on start up (Win & OSX don't work) Seon on HERE commented they'd solved this by "essentially hid the grub menu by setting the timeout to 0 seconds". I'm not sure how this was done tho. Also I did read elsewhere & am pretty sure I'd also done this before when playing around that by partitioning Ubuntu partition with Gparted before Ubuntu 10.10 install you then can select (Advanced) at least where & possibly from vague recollection even if Grub is to be installed.. Other priorities prevent me trying this for while, however if anyone is game feel free & report back.. Hi would you care to elaborate a little on how you managed this.. Thanks in advance
  12. Hi lee majors Search supported hardware list's here and wiki (not always up to date) or look at peoples signature/s to find confirmed working USB Wi-Fi. I use PCI (see sig.) woks fine. Have found on this forum elsewhere some use apple Wi-Fi card (not sure what adapter/s needed or if Windows OK with this). To help search this forum there is a 'Insanely Mac' Firefox plugin that tend to work better than 'Search' function.. You need to set Windows to run on AHCI (google it). Do not use software solution & disconnect your OSX hard drive while you do this. Win will then work without Bios change. Also later versions of Chameleon are more Windows friendly than version in dgobe's installer. This as well as many other improvements makes it worthwhile to update. Hi Fabio, Thanks for your update to post #4. Will try this once when the rest of my household allows me time back on My machine..
  13. Hi carleycr, By using a boot flag during update you have interrupted the update process (never a good idea). As st3p said the only way you 'may' be able to save your system is by using another OSX install to navigate your corrupted install. If you don't have access to a Mac & a USB to SATA adapter, you could set up a USB with OSX on it. To do that you will have to use from here installer DSDT etc you use & any other kexts/mods if needed for your GFx card, google search "How to Install Snow Leopard (10A432)" to get an idea how to do this. If as st3p said earlier deleting & rebuilding caches does not work: Then download update pkg from apple & select to install to your corrupted drive, restart with corrupted H/D still connected after it is done, you should then be able to Repair Permissions on it, then corrupted install should boot. (Please just try normal boot ie: without any flags first).. If this to fails 'yes it probably would be best to do fresh install, Unless anyone else has another solution ?? EDIT: You 'MAY' have to set Bios to boot from USB first if using a USB install. It is a good idea to have a cloned back up for just these moments. (I found Clonezilla very good). Good luck The audio patch from 1st post is not for your SE Mobo, if you clear cache (program 'OSX86Tools' simplifies this) then apply patch from post#1452 this should work (I would disconnect your USB audio first). This 'should' work If this fails I'm not sure maybe another SE owner may have other idea..
  14. ATI Radeon HD4650

    Hi MugenFox, Briefly try searching the ATI threads for an answer. If you install InsanelyMac plugin for Firefox you may yield better results. That said the days of distro's are just about over & Snow Retail is used by most (it's only about $30). Also note since 10.6.3 some 4xxx cards have been troublesome. Hope you can find a solution.. Good luck
  15. lastest method for enabling 4870?

    Hi samisnake, 4870 has not been easy since about 10.6.3. You need to search better the ATI topics (sorry haven't got links handy). There has been some success but unless you can find an 4870X2 model it may be easier to use a 5xxx series card see: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=231768