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  1. unclejezza

    Asus p6t deluxe v2 shutdown/sleep issue

    I've got the same set-up and the same problem exactly..... Can anyone drop some wisdom on us? When I hold down the power switch to fully shutdown, it wipes my overclock and I have to re-input all the values or just stay at stock speeds which is a real pain.... Any help would be massively appreciated! Jezza.
  2. Thanks for all the hard work on this guys. I followed instructions but my system boots to a black screen. I CAN run in safe mode and I get full res (2560 x 1440) Any ideas on what I might be missing? Or things I could try? I am running Snow 10.6.8, Asus P6T Deluxe v2, GTX 590, Core i7 920 Thanks again, Jez. **Update** Just realised I am running an updated version of Chimera - v1.5.4...... does this matter?
  3. unclejezza

    4870x2 10.6.2 QE Problems

    *BUMP* I am in the same position too. I can update to 10.6.3 but get the same KP from that pesky ATIRadeonx2000 kext Any know fixes to get up to 10.6.3? I have tried so many things now it's making my head spin... Haighly, did you have QE_CI working in 10.6.1?
  4. unclejezza

    Can Leopard only use 3 GB of RAM?

    I'm having problems with this issue also.... I have to disable memory remapping in the bios otherwise system crashes. I have 4gb installed but only 3gb is actively used by os x (and consequently my 64bit vista as well. like it says above 'if the mobo can't see it then neither can the os!). Any advice on correct mobo settings guys? I have a Asus P5K
  5. unclejezza

    A Simple Guide to the 4830/4850/4870/4870x2/4890

    I just tried it - didn't work... Installs ok but freezes on restart at the apple logo / white screen... spinny thing just stops spinning! Dam!
  6. unclejezza

    Can't install Vista Ultimate using Bootcamp! HELP!

    hi there, yep tested and working perfectly on PC!?? This is such a riddle... My Mac is brand new so the partition bit was instant and easy but the fact it wont pick up the install disk is a worry (not to mention a potential waste of money!) Disk should work right? Its a commercial brand new disk.....Any more ideas?
  7. unclejezza

    Can't install Vista Ultimate using Bootcamp! HELP!

    Tried that and no joy :censored2: Have also ensured excellent media quality as well as ensuring I am burning the ISO image.. I'm lost! Thanks for the answer tho!
  8. I am trying to install Windows Vista Ultimate on my Macbook Pro using the Bootcamp program but need help! I have partitioned my drive as per Bootcamps prompts but when it says 'insert your windows installation disk and click Start installation' I do so but get a message a few seconds later saying 'The installer disk could not be found. Insert your windows installer disk and wait a few seconds for the disk to be recognised.' Please note: *The install disk DOES mount and I can see its contents *I am logged in as the administrator *I have tried using a copy of the install disk burnt by BOTH PC and a MAC using different software too (5 attempts) *I have tried to BOOT directly from the disk via holding the Option key during start up but I only get the option of booting from the MAC HD. I'm lost! Any help on this matter would gratefully accepted! I purchased a brand new Macbook as I thought I could easily run windows on it! PLEASE HELP!! Macbook Pro 2.4GHZ 2GB RAM Intel Core 2 DUO Leopard (Bootcamp pre-installed latest version updated)