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  1. haighy

    4870x2 10.6.2 QE Problems

    could someone give me a hand with this, got my 4870x2 working on 10.6.1 using qe and cl netkas patch and graphics enabler and need to update to 10.6.2 or 10.6.3. I can update but when I install the updated kexts from netkas I get this kernel panic. Any help would be great, thanks.
  2. haighy

    4890 and 4870 X2

    Mediafire came back up so got mine fully working again. Just wondering If I am using the EFI strings should I be putting the kexts in the EFI partition? I have them in the mac partition and it is working. Thanks
  3. haighy

    4890 and 4870 X2

    Would you be able to upload the OpenGL.framework 10.5.7 from your pc? Thanks
  4. haighy

    4890 and 4870 X2

    Has anyone got a mirror for 10.5.7 OpenGL.framework the mediafire site seems to be down. P.S I had this working yesturday using the EFI method, when I tried to use the other method I got grey and white garble. Thanks