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GeForce 9-Series motherboards maybe coming to the Mini


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This is truly GREAT news Macgirl if it turns out to be true. Looks like NVIDIA is the best thing to happen to Apple since Intel. I also read where the new mini will be able to address 4GB of RAM! It will also have an upgrade to 802.11n, and be black and aluminum in color. There is supposed to also be an option to have TWO SATA hard drives with Remote Disk. That would rock!


Despite rumors that say otherwise, Mac mini sales have ALWAYS been VERY strong. Businesses LOVE the mini. In-fact the Mini is currently Apples best selling desktop computer, just check how it continuously rates as number one at Amazon.


If a new mini came out I would buy one in a nanosecond. I would also be able to sell around 10 of them in a matter of minutes to clients that I know would love such a great little computer.


I hope it all turns out to be true! :hysterical:

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