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  1. Well, this will be interesting. It is kind of dumb not to make C++ an option but we will see. I will have to learn web languages if I want to make an app though... seems lame..
  2. The Mac Pro is supposed to be a workstation. Workstations should be bleeding edge. Blu-Ray isn't even bleeding edge and it isn't supported.
  3. Blu-Ray is big enough to be supported. Especially by high end computers. Blu Ray is much better quality than DVD. DVDs look bad now....
  4. m16

    Java or Ruby

    Why learn Python when you can use C++ just as well. So much more you can do with C++.
  5. m16

    iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 Released!

    This is a OK release. It seems to be a quality operating system and very stable compared to iATKOS v4. However the installer is very buggy. The installer fails for me unless you constantly move the cursor. The progress bar freezes unless it is refreshed by mouse movement... However it is fast. But my ATI 2600XT was not supported... had to install package later.
  6. Is this the most up to date way to get a retail installation 100% working?
  7. m16

    Java or Ruby

    Java?? Ruby?? Python?? What is becoming of the world. Learn C++. C is by far the easiest programming language to learn and use and C++ makes it more efficient. cplusplus.com
  8. Alex Jones is making a movie to reveal the truth behind Obama. There is currently a trailer http://www.obamadeception.net Thoughts
  9. m16

    Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 "Lenny" has been released

    At last, finally a distribution worthy of an upgrade from Lenny, which up until today was the gold standard.
  10. m16

    New InsanelyMac!?

    The front page is an improvement, but thats not saying much. The forums are absolutely terrible.
  11. I have OSX installed to my only hard drive (GUID)... however I want windows but it looks messy to install it on the same drive... can I install windows to a second hard drive (both are sata) and be able to change the windows bootloader to have the option of booting off the second drive (OSX?)
  12. m16

    openSUSE 11.1 is out!

    You should move to USA. Much better technology here.
  13. When I click the "application icon" I dont get anything when using mainmenu.nib