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  1. It doesn't look like a Mac mini. It looks like a Mac mini that some 15 year old tried to make in his basement.
  2. Yeah it looks really nice, but I agree, what if you want to use a different headphone? Buttons should be on the unit itself.
  3. So you're saying that if someone gets the base 599 model, and then later adds 2-4 gigs of memory, that they will also have 256mb available for the 9400?
  4. Maxintosh

    New Mac Mini in early March?

    Looks like you were wrong
  5. No, you can't get the MB464LL/A with 1Gig ram. I tried because it has the better video processor but it's only available in 2 or 4 gigs.
  6. There is actually 3 models of the Mac Mini. The two 2.0 models that are on their website, and a beefier 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo model which (for some odd reason) won't be available through any Apple stores according to the store manager that I talked to. This model is going to be Apples MID-SIZED performing Mac costing around $1,044.00, and with the following specs: * 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor * 4GB (2x2GB) of 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM * 320GB 5400-rpm SATA hard drive * 8X Slot-loading SuperDrive I will be ordering two of these new Mac Minis by the end of the week THANK YOU APPLE!!!!
  7. Maxintosh

    There will be Zune Phones

    ROFL When he said the price that's when I lost it
  8. Maxintosh

    There will be Zune Phones

    Good, now they can use their zune phone to call a repairman to fix their windows computers...
  9. Maxintosh

    New Mac Mini in early March?

    Do some research. The first lot of MBP (unibody) laptops are having a TON of issues! Sometimes ours is totally unusable as it crashes every 5 minutes (literally). This is because when Nvidea designed the assembly process they did it wrong, and now the chips are connected to the motherboards improperly. There are so many people complaining about it at the Apple forum. We have more problems with our new MBP than with any other computer. Supposedly the new ones coming off the assembly line don't have this problem so I may exchange it this week, but if they come out with a new Mac mini then I will just sell it and get one of those instead. This article explains it in more detail. This is NOT a Apple issue per se, but an Nvidea issue. Apple should drop them like a hot potato as Nvidea is making them look bad.
  10. Maxintosh

    New Mac Mini in early March?

    Are you saying they re-engineered the mini display port adapter, or that they added Mac mini to the packaging?
  11. Maxintosh


    LOL How ironic that you couldn't spell that
  12. Maxintosh

    New Mac Mini in early March?

    I pray it's true. At least there will be a new Mini. I need to get rid of this crappy Macbook Pro (unibody) that we bought a few months ago, and this would be the way to do it.
  13. Maxintosh

    Update: Hackintosh Legality

    This is, after all, the Internet. How do we know that you don't work for Apple, or their legal representatives, or are trying to entrap people? BTW - that's a rhetorical question
  14. We've all heard it was coming. If the latest rumors are true then it will finally be here in a few short weeks! Here's the latest news...
  15. Maxintosh

    Psystar wins legal round against Apple

    This is nothing, and all it says is that they can stay in court. Well whoop-de-doo. *Yawn*