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Deep Sleep works on osx86 [PC-EFI v9 Beta]


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Sorry, what I meant was this:


from "man pmset":


hibernatemode takes a bitfield argument defining SafeSleep behavior. Passing 0 disables SafeSleep altogether, forcing the computer into a regular sleep.


0001 (bit 0) enables hibernation; causes OS X to write memory state to hibernation image at sleep time. On wake (without bit 1 set) OS X will resume from the hiberna-

tion image. Bit 0 set (without bit 1 set) causes OS X to write memory state and immediately hibernate at sleep time.


0010 (bit 1), in conjunction with bit 0, causes OS X to maintain system state in memory and leave system power on until battery level drops below a near empty thresh-

old (This enables quicker wakeup from memory while battery power is available). Upon nearly emptying the battery, OS X shuts off all system power and hibernates; on

wake the system will resume from hibernation image, not from memory.


Second option, so have normal sleep but if the battery drops deep sleep is active then.

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pcefi v9 comes some time later, with x86_64 kernels support and deep sleep support.


Whoououououououuouou !! :D :D :D :D :D :D


(Sleep is the last thing to make working on my Hack...)


Jsut to know...why some hacks didn't come to sleep / wake ? acpi related pb ???


Anothers goods news will come with pc_efi 9 ?


RAID like chameleon...? :D

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